“Hate Me” by Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD

“Hate Me” is a song in which the artists (Ellie Goulding and Juice WRLD) are basically analyzing sentiments between their ex-lovers and themselves.  And these situations are not as simple as the title would suggest. For instance, in both cases it can be argued that the singers are still, to some degree, concerned about their former lovers – and vice versa.

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In Ellie’s case, she is basically mocking her ex for still having feelings for her. In fact she states that he misses her “so much” that he has “been going psycho”. And the title of the track comes into play with her making fun of him for acting like he hates her, even though he does not. But as for her personally, all things considered Ella ‘wishes he never dated her’.

Juice WRLD meanwhile approaches the issue on his usual emo tip. He admits that he was not the ideal lover, basically insinuating that he is a drug addict, and such logically affected the way his ex perceives him. However, via a lack of love and affection, she is actually influencing him to engage in such actions.  And overall he presents her as someone who likes “playing… mind games” and who also expresses a sentiment tantamount to ‘hating him’. But still, obviously, they communicate regularly.

So “Hate Me” is a song which explores the emotional nuances that are part and parcel of a breakup. When romances end, the situation is not always as cut-and-dried as we would like. There are still feelings left over – feelings of both love and hate, as this song explores.

"Hate Me" lyrics

Facts about “Hate Me”

“Hate Me” marks the first collaboration between Ella Goulding and Juice WRLD.

Polydor Records released this collabo on 26 June 2019. As of that date, it is slated to be featured on Ella Goulding’s fourth-studio album.

On the same day of its release, this song premiered as Zane Lowe’s World Record via Beats 1 radio.

Goulding teased the release of the song via Twitter 4 days before its release. This was on 22 June 2019.

Production and Writing

This track was produced by The Monsters & Strangerz – a production group from Florida – as well as Jason Evigan.

There are a number or writers who helped Ella and WRLD pen this song. They are:

  • Starrah
  • Watt
  • Jason Evigan
  • Jordan Johnson
  • Marc Lo
  • Stefan Johnson

FYI, Jordan, Marco and Stefan are best known for being core members of The Monsters & Strangerz.

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  1. nunya says:

    I love this song ever since it first came out i fell in love with it.

  2. Bri says:

    This is so true

  3. Juice wrld says:

    Really good songs keep it up!

  4. ? says:

    so good. i listen to it everyday. full volume when no ones home

  5. Juice wrld says:

    I cant believe it but am extremlly happy with the song 999 forever

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love this song ♥️

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