“Slow Grenade” by Ellie Goulding (ft. Lauv)

On “Slow Grenade”, Ellie Goulding and her collaborator (Lauv) are obviously portraying the role of lovers. And going a bit out on a limb, it seems what the metaphor “slow grenade” actually alludes to is something like the idea of knowing you’re about to make a mistake and not really wanting to do it but still doing it anyway. And again this is meant to be interpreted in a romantic context, i.e. an individual self-sabotaging his or her own relationship. But the complex psychology behind this song ultimately points to the idea of the participants in this romance somehow enjoying all the drama.

“It’s like a part of me must love it”

This song was released, via the efforts of Polydor Records, on June 30th, 2020. It’s the third single from Ellie’s “Brightest Blue” album. The album’s first two singles were “Worry About Me” and “Power”.

Lauv and Ellie wrote the tune alongside Leland and the track’s producers, Joe Kearns and OzGo.

“Slow Grenade” marks the first song Ellie and Lauv worked on together that has actually been released. And it seems that in the process of such transpiring, they have become good friends.

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