Meaning of “Numb Numb Juice” by Schoolboy Q

First of all, let’s get this out the way – the “numb numb juice” Schoolboy Q is referring to is actually a callback to “num num juice”, an alcoholic beverage espoused by fellow California rappers E-40 and his group the Click way back in the day. Specifically this concoction is supposed to be a mixture of vodka and a couple of soft drinks, 7 UP and cran-apple juice. However, the way Schoolboy Q is using the term implies that he may be referring to hard liquor in general.  And his consumption of this beverage is exacerbating the already-violent side of his nature.

In other words, this track is used primarily as a means for Q to threaten his “opps”. For instance, the chorus finds him jumping out of a car, ready to unleash the glock against his targets. Simply put, he is referring to pulling off a drive-by shooting. And the numb numb juice is strengthening his boldness to commit such acts.

In the refrain, he lists activities which he condemns as “bi**h s**t” – in other words, womanlike behavior that makes him lose respect for ‘ni**as’ who commit them. Listed amongst these conducts are the following:

  • Guys who pretend that they have guns when they don’t
  • Dudes who gossip with women
  • Fellas who pull out guns and then pretend like they aren’t working properly
  • Guys  who hate other dudes because they are prospering
  • Those who stay in the house during the summer, as in inner-city African-American communities that tends to be the time of year when most murders occur.

As aforementioned, the rest of track pretty much details Schoolboy’s willingness to live by the gat. However, he does dedicate a few bars to his wealth and dissing females who appear as if they have boyfriends but are actually his groupies.

NOTE: Certain parts of this song appear to be engaging in the glorification of violence. However, we entreat readers to eschew violence. Say no to violence and irresponsible drinking!

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