Meaning of “Perfect” By Ed Sheeran

“Perfect” is a track written and sung by renowned vocalist Ed Sheeran. The subject of the song is a British woman by the name of Cherry Seaborn who, in addition to being a childhood friend of Ed is, as can be ascertained from the lyrics of “Perfect”, his love interest.

Verse 1

On the surface, the lyrics of the first verse more or less resemble that of any love ballad. However, what makes them unique is the lyricist’s assertion that he and the object of his affection have indeed been in love since “they were just kids.”  He also explains that due to his youthful understanding of love, he let a previous opportunity to initiate an intimate relationship with her slip away. But “this time”, he is more upfront with expressing his emotions. He goes on to entreat his dear to show reciprocity by showing him love in return.

Chorus 1

The choruses make a reference to the singer being “barefoot on the grass”.  This is actually based on a real-life experience Sheeran had as he conceptualized “Perfect” while literally dancing on the lawn at the home of a musician friend. During that time they were listening to a track by rap artist Future.  Indeed Sheeran may have acknowledged this fact in the song, as he actually uses the word “future” in the next verse. He also goes on to relay the sentiment that he considers the object of his affection physically “perfect” despite whatever aesthetic shortcomings she may perceive in herself.

Verse 2

This verse continues with the theme of Sheeran praising Seaborn. However, this time he expresses his desire to “share her home” and have children with her, thus insinuating marriage. He also acknowledges that they’re “still kids” and that honing their love will be an uphill battle. However, he is optimistic that everything will be alright and indeed perceives a future when the two of them are indeed together.

Chorus 2

The second chorus begins with the first two bars as the first, which once again mention being “barefoot on the grass”. However, the latter two are slightly different. Sheeran once again praises the perfection, specifically in terms of looks, of Seaborn.  But this time there is no indication of Seabron disapproving of her own looks.

Chorus 3

The third chorus also starts off with the same lines as the two previous ones.  But for the first time, the lyricist speaks on the overall perfection of his dear, calling her “an angel in person”. However, soon afterwards he once again begins commending her impeccable beauty. He even goes as far as to state he doesn’t deserve someone so attractive as her.


From this song, it can be gleaned that while Ed Sheeran is madly in love with Cherry Seaborn and indeed has been so for most of his life, it is the flawlessly of her physical appearance that appeals to him the most.


9 Responses

  1. Betriz says:

    Wow this song has made me learn alot about love and am really happy and glad for knowx such and thanks to you all

  2. Ron says:

    After forty-four years, my ex-wife and I will be remarried on what was our original wedding date, November 29th. I love her with my whole heart, soul and every fiber of my being, I am so lucky that she came back into my life and will spend the rest of my life making her the happiest woman in the world. We will dance to this song on our wedding night because she is perfect.

    • Heartbroken says:

      I got married to this song. This gives me hope as 4 years later he tells me he doesn’t feel the same as he did on our wedding day and wants to split. I know he is my forever. I know he’s my future. One day I hope he comes back into my life like you and your wife. Congratulations. Don’t let her go.

  3. Indunl says:

    Really love this song and it shows that how can we make our love perfect even though there were many obstacles between us.

  4. Alejandra says:

    This song is so sweet. It really does represent what true love really is.

  5. Peace says:

    this song has really made me fall in love

  6. Hannah Schaenzer says:

    This song inspiring to me, and make me feel in love with a boy

  7. Richard says:

    as someone who was never in a relationship it felt touching and now feel emotional, wonder if I will ever achieve the feeling that is being described in this amazing song

  8. Jonathan P.G. says:

    What is amazing about this song is that starts like it was written when he first met the love of his life and lost her for a time as they grew up they got back together, its so beautifully written in its lyrics like the ultimate love story of childhood friends falling in love. But only summed up through his lyrics is only the tip of the iceberg so it would seem but he writes his words so incredibly deep and the heart is so full its ready to explode. I was so enthralled with this song first time I heard it. The tears start flowing every time I hear it, every time I play it. Love is such an emotional roller coaster for so many people out in the world, me, I’m no exception to the rule. unfortunately, the first person I was in love with never had the chance to develop as my family moved away at the worst possible time for that chance. The second well we did share some moments, the harsh reality is that we expressed our love for one another in words but a few months after that, one of the worst phone calls I ever received from another close friend. no need to explain, kind of self explanatory. I still have a tough time with that one, always will. This song is so beautiful and how I feel when I listen to it when I really hear its powerful message is what engulfs my soul entirely and brings out so much joy for those I lost in love. This song moves me in ways that no words can describe. Ed Sheeran, you have written the perfect song in “Perfect” and I would so like to thank you in person, but for now, Thank you. Your music the way you present your words in your songs is pure genius but purely right from the heart, that’s what captures your fans captures their hearts our hearts. If you are in Vancouver playing a gig, I will do my best and try to catch your performance. Video is great but live is just so much better. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world.

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