“Best Part of Me” by Ed Sheeran (ft. YEBBA)

Ed Sheeran’s “Best Part of Me” is a tender love song in which Sheeran and YEBBA portray the role of lovers with self-esteem issues.  In other words when they self-reflect they notice a number of personal flaws, and with Sheeran some of these are even physical, as in him feeling he is unattractive. Or as the singers themselves put it, they don’t even ‘love themselves’.

Thus they are highly appreciative of the affection they respectively receive from each other, as it imbues them with a sense of self-value amidst all of the aforementioned internal negativity. Or as they artistically put it in the song, they perceive the ‘best part of themselves’ to actually be the other person.  And this expression adequately ties together the two main narratives being told in this track, which is the singers having personal issues yet simultaneously being deeply in love with the other person.

Lyrics of "Best Part of Me"

First song Sheeran and YEBBA work on together

This is the first collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Grammy Award winning singer YEBBA, though he has obviously been a fan of hers for some time.

Release Date of “Best Part of Me”

“Best Part of Me” was released by Atlantic Records in conjunction with Warner Music Group on 5 July 2019. It was released as the fourth single from Ed Sheeran’s widely praised No.6 Collaborations Project. Other singles from this project include:

Writing and Production

Sheeran and Benny Blanco both co-wrote and co-produced this track. On the writing front, they were assisted by YEBBA and on the production side by Joe Rubel.

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