“Forever My Love” by J Balvin & Ed Sheeran

As clearly indicated by the title (“Forever My Love”), this is a love song, though one with a sense of realism. That is to say that both vocalists acknowledge, in their respective ways, that the featured romance(s) may have its issues. From Ed’s perspective, he understands that romantic relationships also tend to have “moments of suffering”. And Balvin acknowledges that he possesses something like internal, self-esteem issues.

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So even though both are able to perceive that they are ‘imperfect’, it’s like ultimately such recognition beside the point. And that’s because more importantly, as far as this romance is concerned, is the fact that the vocalist is dedicating his eternal love to the addressee.

"Forever My Love" Lyrics

Ed Sheeran and J Balvin

One thing you have to give Ed Sheeran credit for is that despite having already established himself as a musical A lister in the more traditional industry sense, he isn’t afraid to also venture into other genres and team up with musicians from different parts of the world. 

In this case, said collaborator would be J Balvin, a Colombian artist who specializes in a brand of music known as reggaeton. Sheeran actually had to learn some Spanish in the name of dropping “Forever My Love”. That said, it is noteworthy that despite being bilingual, the song is mostly recited in said language.

Ed had a hand in both writing and producing this song, as did Michael Brun. And those who are credited solely in a writing capacity are:

  • Balvin
  • Justin Quiles
  • Keityn

As the story goes, Ed and Balvin first crossed paths, which led to them striking up a friendship, in 2021. The pair actually met at a gym located in New York. According to Ed, he didn’t particularly know J by face but did recognize his voice as he spoke on the phone.

Release Date of “Forever My Love”

Seemingly, the two vocalists first teased this song via Instagram a few days prior to its release.

The song was subsequently issued as a single and thus is officially considered the first collaboration between Balvin and Sheeran. But for the record, on that same exact day, 24 March 2022, they released another joint track entitled “Sigue“. 

Forever My Love

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