Melanie Martinez’s “Gingerbread Man” Lyrics Meaning

“Gingerbread Man” seeks to portray a different kind of passionate love. Here, the protagonist seems to have grown up and is no longer interested in a regular guy that will be sweet towards her. She describes herself as ‘frosting’ to mean that she is already sweet and rather needs a partner who is as wild to gratify her strange desire.

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Although ‘baby’ is a common pet name used in relationships, the singer does not want her man to refer to her by that. This could either be because she wants to be in control and also does not want to feel insulted because of her unstable emotions. Melanie continually emphasizes her desire to be in charge, causing her man to be more dependent on her. The song also has a lot of sensual undertones to it. Melanie basically wants this man to love her hard (intimately), without being gentle or polite about it.

She acknowledges that her search for this ‘gingerbread man’ will not be an easy one, and asks others to help her find him.

Lyrics of "Gingerbread Man"

When did Melanie Martinez release “Gingerbread Man”? 

“Gingerbread Man” was released on 23 December 2015. Its publisher is Atlantic Records, and it is featured on Melanie Martinez’s third EP, “Cry Baby’s Extra Clutter”.

The aforementioned EP contained four songs. And of all four tracks, “Gingerbread Man” was the only track Melanie didn’t include in her “Cry Baby” album (which is her maiden album). It is not exactly known why the song didn’t appear on that album.

Writing and Production of “Gingerbread Man”

This track was written by Melanie Martinez. And it was produced by record producer Michael Keenan in conjunction with Arthur McArthur.

Melanie breaks her Promise

Melanie initially promised her fans that the song was going to be made available for free. Owing to this, she wasn’t going to make it available on iTunes. However, for some reason, she ended up selling it through iTunes.

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