“Field Trip” by Melanie Martinez

“Field Trip” is like a Melanie Martinez beef song. For the most part she doesn’t seem to be aiming the lyrics at anyone in particular. Rather, the vocalist comes off more along the lines of asserting her independence and uniqueness. And her wrath is basically aimed at those who try to criticize or control her.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Melanie Martinez's Field Trip at Lyrics.org.

Meanwhile, as indicated by the chorus, there is a strong astrological undertone. In other words, Melanie’s braggadocio is largely based on her interpretation of how ideas related to this pseudoscience fit into her personal life. And overall the phrase “field trip” can be said to allude to the overall notion of her trippin’, i.e. throwing caution to the wind and wildin’ out on the lyrical tip beyond the norm.

Atlantic Records put this track out on 25 September 2020 as part of Melanie Martinez’s second EP “After School”. And the songs on said EP also serve as the bonus tracks added to the Deluxe Edition of her album, “K-12”.

Melanie co-wrote this song alongside its producer, Keenan. It should be noted that this isn’t Melanie’s first time working with Keenan. Over the years, both of them have worked together on several Melanie Martinez hits, including the following:

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