“The Show” by Melanie Martinez

The show expresses about a little girl who is caught in the web of love in a world that she hardly understands. After realizing that she may have made a rash decision of falling in love quickly, she rescinds her decision and decides to take things slower.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Melanie Martinez's The Show at Lyrics.org.

“The Show” is metaphorically used to depict her life, while sitting and enjoying this show means that the narrator now prefers to watch and see how things turn out naturally. She seems to have given up everything in an attempt to get her life back together.

In an interview with Spectrum Culture, the song writer Lenka revealed that the song covers the feeling of not having enough control over your life. Lenka added that letting go and taking the backseat is the best thing to do in such instances.

Lyrics of "The Show"

Quick Facts about “The Show”

  • This is one of the final two songs Melanie Martinez performed on “The Voice”, at the behest of her celebrity coach Adam Levine. She performed the song on 3 December 2012, the day she was eliminated from the contest.
  • It is the cover of a song originally released by Australian artist Lenka in 2008.
  • The original creators of “The Show”, Lenka and Jason Reeves are the writers of the track. Record producer Stuart Brawley served as its producer.

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