“The Bakery” by Melanie Martinez

“The Bakery” is based on a job Melanie Martinez had in high school. As the title implies, she did in fact work in a bakery. In the first verse she lets it be known that she enjoyed it a bit, being able to partake of some of its sweet products. But her inspiration was to make enough dough to transcend ‘that sh***ole’ in style. More specifically, Melanie has stated on social media that she was using the job to fund her artistic pursuits. And the reason she hated the place, as the second and third verses reveal, is because she had an oppressive, nitpicking boss. So ultimately she lost her enthusiasm and was compelled to leave the bakery.

This track can be found Melanie Martinez’s album “K-12 (After School – Deluxe Edition)” as well as her EP which is simply entitled “After School”.  The song came out via Atlantic Records on 24 September 2020. And it had leaked a couple of days prior, shortly after Martinez herself teased it on 22 September.

“The Bakery” was produced by Blake Slatkin. And he also co-wrote the track in conjunction with Martinez.

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  1. Alex says:

    Personally I LOVE this song and have had similar
    with friends I’m pretty easy to confuse and sometimes trick but i catch on quickly though. SO we relate on a good amount of things in my opinion 😀 bye

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