Melanie Martinez’s “Copy Cat” Lyrics Meaning

To begin with, a copycat can be defined as someone who deliberately copies someone else’s actions and behavior. And on the song “Copy Cat”, Melanie Martinez is accusing the addressee of doing the same. She accuses this person (whose name isn’t mentioned) of copying her style and trying to use her to make it big. So Melanie uses the song’s lyrics to tell her enough is enough. She should find someone else who she can “leach on”.

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Melanie is apparently fed up of the “copy cat” constantly leeching on her. And in hammering on this point, she ends the song’s final verse by telling the addressee that the blood running in her veins belongs to her and her only. Owing to this, she’d no longer allow her to suck her blood. Simply put, she should find someone else’s blood to feed on!

Lyrics of "Copy Cat"

What Melanie Martinez has said about “Copy Cat”

According to Martinez, she penned “Copy Cat” from perspective of empathy during a time when she very hurt.

Who is the “Copy Cat”?

It is widely speculated that the addressee of this song is none other than Timothy Heller. Melanie and Heller were once best of friends. However, the friendship ended when in 2017 Heller accused Martinez of not only sexually assaulting her but also raping her. Heller and Martinez’s friendship began in 2014.

There are many clues that lend support to the idea that this song is directed at Timothy Heller. Below are some of the prominent clues:

  • Speaking about the song, Melanie revealed that it was written years ago while she was in a “hurt place”. It’s public knowledge that Heller leveled the rape accusations at Martinez in 2017. And according to Martinez, the accusations left her “horrified and saddened”.
  • Just like Martinez, Heller is also an artist. However, she isn’t as popular as Martinez is. And on numerous occasions, Martinez has accused Heller of trying to tarnish her image just so she can become famous.  For example, in the chorus, Martinez talks about the addressee “falling flat” and trying to use her (Martinez) to save her failing music career.
  • In Verse 2 of the song, Martinez accuses the addressee of claiming to be “a feminista” yet does the opposite by practicing misogyny. FYI, “feminista” is Spanish for the English word “feminist”. And for the records,  Heller has actually been involved in a number of feminist causes. So technically, she can be referred to as a feminist.

Facts about “Copy Cat”

  • “Copy Cat” was officially issued as a single on February 10, 2020. Martinez’s management issued it as the first single from her 2020 EP titled “After School”.
  • Three songwriters, including Melanie Martinez are credited with penning “Copy Cat”. The others are Tierra Whack and Keenan. The latter (Keenan) also handled the production duties of “Copy Cat”.
  • The rap section of the song in Verse 4 is handled by American rapper and songwriter Tierra Whack. This marks the first time Tierra is working in a professional capacity with Melanie Martinez.
  • For the record, “Copy Cat” isn’t the first time Martinez has written a song directed at Heller. Her 2017 song “Piggyback” is also believed to be about Heller and her “false” accusations.

4 Responses

  1. Diana Hall says:

    Another theory is that maybe Melanie could be referring to Sia. Sia was a mentor on The Voice during Melanie’s season. It isn’t until after that when Sia blatantly copied Melanie’s look with the two-toned hair and the big hair bow. Sia wasn’t exactly a struggling artist but her career definitely blossomed with the new look. Also, reggae-ish swagger tips a hat to Sia’s penchant for the reggae flavor of many of her songs.

  2. Sad sister says:

    This song makes me think of the relationship between me and my sister . She copies literally EVERYTHING I do and gets all the credit ! I like to play this song every time I’m pissed at her

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe just tell her that it bothers you instead of complaining on the internet about her. don’t be a jerk. disgusting

      • Keep ur mouth shut says:

        Your disgusting she just saying what the song meant to her she was going on and on about her sister say rude this about her she just saying that her sister always copies her and she probably did tell her sister but her sister doesn’t want too. Soooo don’t be saying anything if you don’t know sh-t about her or her relationship with her sister ????

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