“Monsters” by James Blunt

As one can deduce by listening to the chorus, James Blunt’s “Monster” is a song in which the singer is addressing his father.  Indeed it is true-to-life.  And as of the release of this track it appears that the death of James’ dad, Charles Blount, is imminent. So being unable to express how he feels about the situation through conventional wording, James has instead decided to put his emotions into a song. 

And outside of the general sense of sadness that is relayed, there are two main sentiments James seems to expressing. One is that when his father does depart, he wants there to be peace (i.e. forgiveness) between the two of them. But more to the thesis of the piece is that James is ready to take on the responsibility of being the man of the family. In fact even before acknowledging the addressee as his father, Blunt instead establishes himself as another ‘grown man’, i.e. his equal. And the title is based on the idea of him telling his father that he should not take the worries of the here and now into the afterlife. For in light of all that is transpiring it is now James’s “turn to chase the monsters away”, as in deal with the major issues which are facing the family.

Lyrics of "Monsters"

This is real

As of the release of this song, Charles Blount (James’s father) is on his deathbed due to suffering from chronic kidney disease and being in need of a transplant. Both James and his sister have volunteered to be donors.  However, they are not matches, and as of now none has been found, considering that due to Mr. Blount’s age he is not near the top of the recipient list.

Release Date of “Monsters”

“Monsters” was released on 18 October 2019. It appears on James’ album, “Once Upon a Mind”, which is published by Atlantic Records UK.

Writing Credits of “Monsters”

James Blunt had assistance penning this tune in the form of Amy Wadge and the track’s producer, Jimmy Hogarth.

32 Responses

  1. Jay Sargeant says:

    A beautiful song performed by James at the Royal British Legion Festival at the Albert Hall televised on Saturday 9th Nov 2019, very moving and appropriate for the festival.

  2. Andrew says:

    A wonderful song – thank you.

  3. Barbara Stone says:

    Outstanding so appropriate for the evening

  4. Elizabeth Ward says:

    James what a beautiful song and performed with such emotion it was tangible and moved me to tears, so appropriate for the occasion

  5. Patricia Gillmore says:

    Only James could sing such a beautiful song so well with true feeling. Nothing dramatic, just words from the heart , and very poignant for the Festival of Remembrance.

    • Rhonda Hardesty says:

      I agree. This song hits home with me. My father recently passed and this song so fits my son and how he feels about his step father. A grown man now and wanting to do the right thing and make his step father know that everything is OK. But underneath he will never forgive his step father for the way he treated him a his life. Sad.
      But he wants him to go in peace whenever that time may come.

  6. Sue says:

    James Blunts performance at the British Legion festival at the Albert Hall was stunning. Full of emotion and a most beautiful song which was very in keeping with the venue.

  7. Pete says:

    Beautiful song and sung with so much genuine emotion

  8. PAUL harrison-rook says:

    indeed very rare a song moves me to tears

  9. Sue Chidwick says:

    You have done it again James and caught my heartstrings… Amazing x

  10. Jason daly says:

    I’ve seen many performances but I tell you now the power and emotion that James blunt sang that song will long live in the memory

  11. Jeff says:

    Wow what a song at such a occasion . He puts so much into it , it’s so from the heart

  12. sandra says:

    I listen to his music all the time. This song is one of his best and he performed it so well at The Royal Albert Hall. Well done James . So sorry for the loss of your father,
    He must of been so proud of you xx

  13. Rosina says:

    James describes the last hours of my last time with my own father
    A most Beautiful heartbreaking song . James I’m so sorry for your grief , you have given me such comfort with your music , Thankyou x

  14. Keith Mayes says:

    Such a moving and beautiful song, it reduced me to tears when he performed it at The Royal Albert Hall. When I first heard it I completely misunderstood the meaning and took it to be him as a soldier saying goodbye to his dying father because his leave was over and it was time to return to the front line and fight the enemy, the “monsters” to keep us safe. This would be a role reversal of his childhood when his father would read him bedtime stories to keep the monsters away as he slept.

  15. Patricia Horgan says:

    I wish I’d had the opportunity to say these things to my father James. One can only regret the things left unsaid…. Maybe my Dad knows you’ve said this for me – I’ve tried my best. Thank you for giving me some time back with my father. Happy Christmas & God bless your journey alongside your Dad’s final journey. Tricia Horgan, with deep respect

  16. GEORGE says:

    Heard it today on radio 2 I was in tears as I was with my father who died on his 92 birthday I it just brought him dying flooding back

  17. Wendy says:

    I’m so so glad that James Blunt’s father has had a kidney transplant. I lost my much older dad to vascular dementia 7 years ago but my tears have just flowed again. A lovely song.

  18. Randy says:

    This song touched me deep in my soul. My father is in late stage dementia and rarely knows my brothers, sister and I. He sometimes has panic attacks from not knowing where he is and what is happening. I had just come from visiting him and “scaring the monsters away” when my wife played this for me. Hit home really hard.

  19. Vernon Connolly says:

    James Blunt is again at his best with the turmoil and struggle of dealing with the headlong struggle of the unseen and unknown; yet, there is a sense of knowing the challenges are feasible and worthwhile.

  20. Anne caldwell says:

    This is the most beautiful heartfelt song ive ever heard.👏🙏

  21. Jane says:

    Tears streaming down my face as I listen to this song, very sad but a beautiful tribute to his father xxx

  22. Corrie says:

    In the UK can family of friends be donors without being on a list if they are a match? My brother in law here in America had a friend that was a match and they had the replacement done within a week or two. I would hope all would help to save a family member or a friend. It’s not easy and it’s painful, but no one can give more than the gift of life.

    • African Unicorn 🦄 says:

      Anyone can be a donor if they’re a match, even down in the south of Africa (South Africa) 😎 and, it doesn’t matter what race or class you belong to…y’all can be donors💃💃

  23. Linda says:

    Such an amazing song! The way you tear up singing it makes it more amazing, your voice is unbelievable in this song

  24. Kathy Killebrew Poehl says:

    Such a heartfelt song with beautiful lyrics and the beautiful voice of James Blunt. Thank you so much for this gift. Although my parents died years ago this touches my heart so very much.

  25. Roy Carre says:

    Thankyou James for such a beautiful song that hits the very soul . I was sent this song from my wonderful son Justin from Canada while I was going through my cancer then stem transplant treatment.So glad your dad has recovered keep up the fantastic work.

  26. Krandall Kraus says:

    This will be listed in history along with the music of The Beatles, Mozart, Aretha Franklin, Handel. This is what is meant by transcendent music.

  27. Anonymous says:

    It’s a few years since this song was released but I ‘revisit it’ on so many occasions. The love that James had for his father, Charles, is undeniable and the words and his expression endorse this so well.
    I weep each time I hear it and wish I had exchanged the same sentiments with my parents who died many years ago.

  28. African Unicorn 🦄 says:

    A truly amazing song and sung with so much feeling. Thank you James Blount aka Blunt…your music is brilliant 🎼🎵🎶

  29. KRA says:

    I’m currently living these lyrics. This song keeps me sane, I go for a drive & blast it as loud as I can, singing at the top of my lungs while I cry and let it all out.

    It helps me get past all of the stressful details of caregiving and allows me to see the big picture, and keeps me going another day.

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