“Mulholland” by James Blake

James Blake’s “Mulholland” uses relatively-few words. However, it is being hailed as a classic example of Blake’s complexity as an artist. As such, analysts have noted that the line which dominates the song, “they are just now understanding me”, is likely intended to have a dual meaning. On one hand this can be interpreted as something the singer is celebrating. On the other, it can be Blake acknowledging that he has oft been a misunderstood individual, and thus these words take on more of a long-suffering tone. Either way he ends “Mulholland” on a positive note, by acknowledging that “at least” now he is being understood.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for James Blake's Mulholland at Lyrics.org.

Mulholland lyrics

The only proper noun mentioned in the brief intro of the track is Lindisfarne, which is a “Holy Island” off the coast of England. Thus specifically who or where Blake is referring to in the title is something he will hopefully elucidate to the public in the near future.

Facts about “Mulholland”

  • “Mulholland” is featured on the deluxe edition of James Blake’s 2019 album named Assume Form.
  • Previously “Mulholland” was only available on the vinyl release of Assume Form. However, on 26 April 2019, it was also made available on streaming services via the aforementioned deluxe edition.
  • The multi-talented James Blake is the sole writer and producer of this track, which is a notable contrast from the rest of the “Assume Form” album which is filled with collaborations with other artists.
  • The title “Mulholland” isn’t used by Blake in the song’s lyrics.

But what really is the meaning of Mulholland? Can it be found in the English dictionary?

“Mulholland” can’t be found in the dictionary since it isn’t technically an English word. It is however, a proper noun because it is a surname. Simply put, it is a name that is mostly used as a surname, last name or family name. Example: John Mulholland.

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