“Never Say Never” by Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson

“Never Say Never” centers on the drama of an on-and-off relationship when both parties can’t let go of each other. Because in the end, they’re all the narrators want no matter what it takes. One could assume many reasons behind this – either the sex is too good, they’re addicted to chaos, or they genuinely love each other and have broken up multiple times due to external factors.

This couple has, of course, made multiple attempts to separate from each other. Even to the point of telling their mums and friends that they’d “never again” patch things up. However, they soon realize that they’re a perfect match and there’s nobody else they’d rather be with. In fact, Swindell and Wilson use a very interesting combination to describe this relationship – “a match” and “gasoline”. As we all know, once gasoline is lighted up by a fire source, a match in this case, it takes only minutes to explode. With such an explosion in the making, it’s hard to run far away from the vicinity that’s going to be destroyed. Bringing that theory back to the song, this combination just shows how hard it is for the narrators to run away from this explosive relationship.

In every relationship in life, it’s not always smooth sailing, and both Swindell and Wilson knows this. References to “Hell” and “Heaven” are made in the chorus, which we all know symbolizes the bad and the good respectively. They continue to note that even though they’ve told people (and most likely, themselves too), they can’t help but still be drawn back to their (ex) partners – like an addiction.

Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson, "Never Say Never" Lyrics


Through this on-and-off relationship, both partners seem to have realized that they’re each other’s kryptonite. So, no matter how hard they’ve tried to end it, it all goes to vain…or it could make their relationship much stronger.

Never Say Never

Release Date of “Never Say Never”

“Never Say Never” was released on 18th November, 2021. It was part of Swindell’s fourth album, “Stereotype” that was distributed by Warner Music Nashville on 8th April, 2022.

This is the second single to be released from Swindell’s fourth studio album which is titled “Stereotype”. Swindell’s popular song “I’m Gonna Let Her” also appears on this album.

Credits for “Never Say Never”

Swindell co-wrote this song with two other writers:

  • American songwriter, Chase McGill. He has written songs for artists such as Kenny Chesney, Kane Brown and Brett Young.
  • American country music artist and songwriter, Jessi Alexander. She has worked alongside names such as Miley Cyrus, Lee Brice and Blake Shelton.

According to Cole Swindell, “Never Say Never” was written years ago but never released as he was waiting for “the right voice” to sing the duet with.

Chart Success

The track was a chart success in the United States. It actually made it into the Hot 100’s top 30. Furthermore, it was also very successful in Canada (where it was a top 5 hit).

Is this the first time Cole Swindell is collaborating with Lainey Wilson?

Yes, it is. Although having been introduced in 2017, by the same publishing company they’re both signed to (Warner Music Nashville), this was their first collaboration.

When Swindell sent Wilson the song to ask if she could do the duet with him, he expressed that it was “the longest three-and-a-half minutes of (his) life” while waiting for her response.

When Wilson, who usually writes her own songs, agreed to it, Swindell was extremely relieved and excited.

Are they a couple?

No, they’re not. Swindell is currently seeing Courtney Little. Wilson, on the other hand, has chosen to keep her private life away from the spotlight. As of the release date of “Never Say Never”, not much is known about her private life.

What the Fans Are Saying about “Never Say Never”

Many fans are finding “Never Say Never” relatable to their personal lives.

One wrote on YouTube that she’s staying in a “tumultuous 20-year marriage” and shared relief knowing that she’s not the only one caught in the same situation, not wanting to get off.

Another shared that the song has become both she and her husband’s song, and through the rough times, they’ve not given up on each other.

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