“With A Woman You Love” by Justin Moore

The power of love is truly amazing. It can make one both strong and weak at the same time as you realize while you’re in love, that also makes you vulnerable to heartbreaks.

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But we’re not going to talk about the less than positive side of being in love today. No, in fact, Justin Moore uses the song “With A Woman You Love” to share with us his story of how he had a wild side that changed for the better when he met the love of his life.

Now happily committed, Moore doesn’t complain about talking all night with her, painting a farmhouse “bright white”, and returning home “at a decent hour”. He’s even happily resisting the urge to look for more choices of ladies.

And to anyone that advises against being in love for fear that they’ll never see their friend again, this country man puts your fears to rest. In fact, he still holds on to a glimpse of his wild side by meeting them and creating stories. However, at the end of the day, he finds himself able to trade these experiences to be intimate with his woman.

"With A Woman You Love" Lyrics

Release Date

On 28th September, 2021, Moore posted a teaser of his song on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. The short video featured his wife, Kate, and him riding horses side by side.

“With A Woman You Love” was finally released as a single on 1st October, 2021 by Big Machine Records. At the time it was released, it wasn’t associated with any Justin Moore album.

Did Justin Moore write “With a Woman You Love”?

Justin co-wrote this piece together with three other American songwriters. They are:

  • Jeremy Stover (who is known for partnering with the likes of Tim McGraw and Jon Pardi)
  • Chase McGill. Brett Young, Blake Shelton and Cole Swindell are just some artists McGill has worked with.
  • Paul DiGiovanni (who is the former lead guitarist for pop-rock band Boys Like Girls). DiGiovanni has written and produced tracks for Dan + Shay, Adam Hambrick and Brandon Lay to name a few.

Moore has expressed various inspirations for the song. One of it was that his wife of 14+ years had been trying to convince him to write another love song. In another article, the country star mentioned that his best friends inspired him to compose this romantic song. According to him, the inspiration came while he and his close buddies were having a discussion about “growing old and finding love”.

At the end of the day, inspired by the aforementioned, Moore (in collaboration with his co-writers) did a good job in creating a very powerful love song.

According to Moore, the song was written in Florida.

With A Woman You Love

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