“No More Suckers” by MARINA

Within the context of MARINA’s “No More Suckers”, the word “suckers” reads more like bloodsuckers. The track’s lyrics speak outside of a romantic partner and include MARINA’s associates in general. She is under the impression that the person she is addressing is taking advantage of her materially, such as ‘eating all her food’, ‘messing up all her towels’ and generally “bleeding (her) dry”. 

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In fact she perceives that this individual has issues in terms of taking care of him or herself. Moreover interacting with this person is draining her emotionally. Thus she compares this individual to a “leech”, and she has grown weary of the “bruising” that has resulted from interacting with him or her.

Indeed there is “nothing left inside” of her for this person to feed on. So in response, she has decided to “wave goodbye” to the aforementioned “leech” and indeed all the “suckers” in her world.  

No More Suckers lyrics

Facts about “No More Suckers”

  • James Flannigan and Alex Hope, who produced “No More Suckers”, also wrote it alongside Marina.
  • “No More Suckers” had its official release date on 26 April 2019.
  • This track is featured on the album Love + Fear. This album also features popular songs such as “Handmade Heaven” and “Emotional Machine”.

Was “No More Suckers” released as one of the singles from Love + Fear?


Are the lyrics of “No More Suckers” autobiographical?

While (as of the date this article was published) MARINA hasn’t said whether they are autobiographical or not, we have this feeling they might be.

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