“Happy Loner” by MARINA

As generally understood, being an introvert is not a good thing. But what Marina is putting forth in “Happy Loner” is that sometimes people like herself are like that for a valid reason. And that reason would be that they are actually happier when they’re alone than when directly dealing with the outside world.

But Marina possessing such a disposition is not to imply that she is espousing living in a closet, so to speak. The singer also acknowledges in the chorus that being in such a state is very much less-than-idea. 

And as revealed in the bridge, she and others who are stricken with this affliction are so due to be overwhelmed by the world at large. So it’s like in the past, the narrator would beat up on herself for being this way. But now she has come more to the realization that the outside world is in fact messed up, i.e. the type of “energy” that people are letting off apparently being imbued with negativity. 

So now she has become more sympathetic and empathetic to people like herself, those who are indeed ‘happy loners’, even if being an introvert or what have you is not the best way for someone to live.

MARINA, "Happy Loner" Lyrics
What MARINA said of "Happy Loner"

Facts about “Happy Loner”

“Happy Loner” is a song that Marina first teased in September of 2020. And Atlantic Records did eventually release it, as a single, on 3 December 2021 in the name of promoting the deluxe edition of “Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land”, the songstress’s fifth studio album.

This album, which itself was released in June of 2021, went on to break the top 20 of the Billboard 200.

Marina is the sole writer of this song. She authored this piece back at the beginning of 2020 and has noted that she “can’t relate to it anymore”. However, she still feels that it is a “great” song, and her fans also agreed that it deserved to see the light of day.

Marina is also credited as a producer of this track, accomplishing that task alongside James Flannigan.

Happy Loner

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