“dna” by LANY

LANY’s “dna” is premised on the vocalist asserting that he is not afraid to fall in love. This is despite the fact that he has dealt with romantic disappointment in the past, in addition to doling out his fair share also. 

But currently, he is compelled to put his heart on the line yet again. And he’s not doing so in a half-assed sort of way, rather going full PDA out this piece.

Primary Sentiment of “dna”

And the above brings us to the thesis sentiment, the fact that he is indeed in love with the addressee. Or stated otherwise, it is she who is making him ‘not care’ about putting it all on the line in the name of romance, even though he is aware of the inherent risk therein. 

And yes, he is taking a big risk by letting all of his friends know, as vehemently as he can, that they are together. So the implication in that regard is that if she does proceed to dump him for instance, then the vocalist will have to deal with a considerable amount of shame, embarrassment and likely even ridicule. But he is so thoroughly that such potential threats aren’t bothering him.


And as far as the title of the song, what Paul is saying that it is ‘in his DNA’ to love the addressee as so. That’s not to imply that he’s a sucker for love or anything like that. But more to the point, once again, is the fact that he considers the addressee to be a very special lady and therefore simply “can’t treat” her like a run-of-the-mill romantic interest. 

So even if being in love has done him dirty in times past, it is not in the fabric of his being to meet a lady such as her and treat her like he’s scared to lose. Instead the vocalist must go all in, in the name of true love, as his “DNA” dictates.

Lyrics to "dna"

Facts about “dna”

This track is from LANY’s forthcoming full-length, GG BB XX, which will actually be their fourth. DNA is scheduled to be released on 3 September 2021, the same date as the album itself. So the version we’re covering today has been dubbed a demo.  However it is not a leak but rather one which the band put out themselves.

At the heart of LANY is a trio of musicians – vocalist Paul Jason Klein, drummer Jack Clifford Goss and keyboardist Charles Leslie Priest. They’ve been together since 2014 and, as noted earlier, have dropped three standard albums to date. The most recent was Mama’s Boy, which was released just last year in 2020. And that project marks their most impressive showing on the Billboard 200 to date, where it peaked at number 2.

Paul Jason Klein wrote “dna” alongside Andrew Albert, Jordan Reynolds and Dan Smyers, the latter being a member of the well-known musical duo Dan + Shay. 

And the entire LANY crew is credited with producing DNA, in conjunction with Andrew Goldstein.

DNA is actually a term derived from the scientific community, and what it stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. And as most simply explained, it is the genetic code which makes up different organisms.


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