“NUNU NANA” by Jessi

‘NUNU NANA’ is a sensuous song that epitomizes the charisma and confidence of Korean singer Jessi. More generally, it encourages the listener to go get the girl instead of beating around the bush. It speaks of her desirability and the traits that make her great. The song features elements of rap and hip hop that come together in a wonderful feast for the senses. Jessi’s voice is as powerful as ever and she is the star of the show. The music and lyrics easily express her personality. Jessi’s style and abilities are unique in the K-Pop industry.

‘NUNU NANA’ does a great job of bringing these to the fore. Fans and the general listening audience will definitely enjoy what Jessi has to offer in this wonderful display of charisma, confidence, and pure sass. 

‘NUNU NANA’ was released by Korea-American rapper and singer Jessi on July 30, 2020. It is a product of her studio project titled Nuna. The word ‘Nuna’ means older sister in Korean

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