“OK Not to Be OK” by Demi Lovato & Marshmello

“Ok Not to Be OK” is meant to serve as an audio anti-depressant. The singer acknowledges that feeling woefully isolated and depressed are normal human emotions. Indeed Demi Lovato, who also co-wrote this track, has experience in both of those fields. For she has stated in explaining the lyrics that she has personally dealt with suicidal thoughts for most of her life. So basically, what she is telling the listener is that when they are down and out they shouldn’t resolve themselves to just giving up. Rather, it is “okay not to be okay”. 

Or looked at differently, they need to confront such feelings as opposed to letting them dominate their mindframe. And considering that this song was issued in the name of suicide prevention, we can conclude that what the singer is trying to avert more specifically is such depressed individuals hurting themselves physically.

Facts about “OK Not to Be OK”

This track was released on 10 September 2020. Interesting to note is that said date itself is World Suicide Prevention Day. And Joytime Collective, Marshmello’s label, issued this track in conjunction with a suicide-prevention NGO called Hope for the Day.

Marshmello had been teasing this song for a few weeks before it was officially released. It therefore wasn’t a surprise release.

Beside Lovato, the other writers of “OK Not to Be OK” are Gregory Hein, James Gutch and Nick Bailey. And the exclusive producer of the song is Marshmello.

The music video to this track was directed by an artist named Hannah Lux Davis. Throughout her career, Davis has directed a ton of hit music videos including the following:

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