“Shut Down” by BLACKPINK

It has been noted that BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” is infused with certain hip-hop elements. That’s something a viewer may be able to ascertain just by looking at the cover art, where a couple of the girls are rockin’ styles reminiscent of the days of hip-hop past. 

Shut Down

With that in mind, this song is, most simply put, braggadocious in nature. That is to say that the vocalists use the opportunity primarily to boast about their wealth and overall success, i.e. being ‘rock stars’ and pushing Lamborghinis and what have you.

But Lisa and the gang also let it be known that they possess a rowdy side. So for instance they may F-off a paparazzi, but if a fan steps to them on the humble, they’re a lot friendlier. And that nasty side, if you will, also has something to do with the way the phrase “shut down” is used in the chorus.  

Taking the entire passage into consideration, what Jennie and co. seem to be speaking to in that regard is the efficacy of their music and artistry – that they ‘shut ‘em down’, as Public Enemy might say. But in the song’s climaxes, the title is also used within the context of girls ‘shutting down’ their haters.

Lyrics for BLACKPINK's "Shut Down"

When was “Shut Down” released?

YG Entertainment made this track public on 16 September 2022 as part of “Born Pink”, which is Blackpink’s sophomore studio LP. 

The song was also issued as the project’s second single on that date. So far the song has proven to be a major hit. Just a couple of days after being released, it became one of the most-listened-to song on multiple music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. For example, on the former, it swiftly went on to secure first place on their Top Songs – Global listing.

Music Video

The music video to this track, which was directed by Seo Hyun-seung, features a number of references to those from various of Blackpink’s older songs. Just like the track itself, the video was also a major hit on YouTube. Just a couple of days after it was officially published on the video-sharing platform, it garnered over 80 million views.


YG Entertainment mainstay Teddy Park produced this track and also had a hand in writing it alongside Vince, Danny Chung and another Korean artist known as 24.

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  1. Sydney says:

    BLACKPINK for life

  2. Nagawa Edith. says:

    Yeah! Let the haters shutdown en 4da fans let us continue supporting o’r lovely black pink stars.

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