“Only Human” by Jonas Brothers

In this song, the narrator uses the expression “Only Human” to convince his lover to avoid denying her feelings of love and lust and to fully embrace it as a person.

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The song begins at the close of the day when they’re probably done with the day’s work. The singer suggests that he wants to spend more time with his partner as they find a place where they can find happiness, which in this context is a reference to pleasure. The singer repeatedly mentions dancing in his living room and slaving to her moves to show that she has an upper hand in what goes on during their intimate moments. He goes on to encourage her not to deny her humanly feelings because he perceives that she is pretending, although she equally wants him.

It’s only human, you know that it’s real

Did the Jonas Brothers write “Only Human”?

Joe Jonas commenting on the track said it was the last song for the album “Happiness Begins”. According to him, he and his brothers (Nick and Kevin) wrote it with Max Martin and Shellback with a lot of parts recorded via FaceTime.

Release Date

On the Seventh of June, 2019, Republic Records formally released this as the final single from the aforementioned album. This album, which is actually the fifth studio project of the group, produced two other singles: “Cool” and “Sucker“.

Did “Only Human” chart?

Yes. And it was quite a big radio hit around the world. For example, it was a top 40 hit in America (actually making it to the 18th position on the Hot 100). It replicated the same feat in Canada.

It also charted impressively in Europe, reaching the top-40 in the charts of these European countries:

  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland

The track however, struggled a bit in the UK Singles Chart. But at the end of the day, it reached a decent position of 64 there.

What genre of music is “Only Human”?

It is actually a pop song. However, considering it has strong elements of reggae fused into it, we can safely refer to it as a reggae-pop track.

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