Meaning of “Walls” by Jonas Brothers (ft. Jon Bellion)

Jonas Brothers and Jon Bellion’s “Walls” contains lyrics that seem to be centered around a profound love that the singer has for someone. He expresses that this love is so deep and encompassing that even the “walls would cry” if they were separated.

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Phrases like “time is a doorframe I wanna go through, as long as it leads me back to you” suggest a willingness to endure anything and transcend time just to be with this person. The mention of “lightning in her heart” and waterfalls indicate a vibrant, powerful love that is both electrifying and constant.

In the second part of the song, there is a repetitive emphasis on the phrase “even the walls would cry,” enhancing the depth of his feelings, showing that their love affects everything around them, and it’s as if their surroundings would mourn their separation.

The repeated urging to “levántate,” which translates to “stand up” or “rise” in English, could potentially be a call to rise in love, to stand up against challenges, and maintain the bond they share. It portrays a kind of love that is urgent, all-consuming, and deeply connected to a sense of place and time. It’s a song that uses hyperbole to express deep, intense love and devotion.

“Darlin’, you’d make the walls cry
Darlin’, you’d make the walls cry
‘Cause time is a doorframe I wanna go through
As long as it lеads me back to you, yeah
If you evеr left me, I would die
And even the walls would cry”

The Long and Short of “Walls”

“Walls” talks about crazy deep love and the idea that if they were separated, even the “walls would cry”.

Did the Jonas Brothers write “Walls”?

Yes. The Brothers receive writing credits for this song. This is the full list of all the writers given credit for the writing of “Walls”:

  • Andrea Rosario
  • Clyde Lawrence
  • Douglas Davis
  • Feli Ferraro
  • Joe Jonas
  • Johnny Simpson
  • Jon Bellion
  • Jordan Cohen
  • Kevin Jonas
  • Nick Jonas
  • Pete Nappi
  • Tenroc

When did the Jonas Brothers release “Walls”?

Officially, this has a release date of May 12, 2023. It was backed by Republic Records. You can find it on the Brothers’ sixth studio album, which is titled “The Album”.

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