“Remember This” by Jonas Brothers

Then is more or less your standard love song, replete with metaphors pointing to the singer’s romantic admiration for the addressee.  Where the title comes into play is that apparently this is one of those types of scenarios whereas there is no guarantee, for whatever reason, that the two of them will be able to hookup again after tonight.

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  All lyrics considered, it appears as if the singer and addressee may have crossed paths in a nightclub or a similar type of venue. Either way, the vocalist is completely caught up in the moment, kissing the addressee and all. And what he appears to be saying conclusively is that they should make the best of this moment while they actually have the opportunity to do so, conscientiously making it one that they will “want to remember” throughout the future.

Jonas Brothers' "Remember This" Lyrics

Facts about “Remember This”

This is the title track to a 2021 the Jonas Brothers and Kelsea Ballerini tour. a

This track was released on 18 June 2021. That was the same day it debuted during the upcoming Olympic-related US Track & Field Trials. The trio is also slated to perform the song during the upcoming Tokyo Olympics themselves on behalf of NBCUniversal, who are covering the event stateside, in support of Team USA. 

But of course the lyrics of “Remember This”, as they currently stand, don’t have anything to do with sports. So the version of the song that will actually be featured during the Olympics has modified lyrics.

The first time the Jonas Brothers are said to have teased this song was during the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. That event was held on 24 May of said year.

Republic Records and the Universal Music Group facilitated the release of this track. They did so in conjunction with what appears to be the vocalists’ own label, Jonas Brothers Recordings.

Kevin and Nick Jonas are credited as writers of “Remember This”. And they accomplished that task alongside the following:

  • Casey Smith
  • Michael Pollack
  • German
  • The Monsters & Strangerz’ Jordan Johnson and Stefan Johnson
  • Ryan Tedder

And it was also Ryan Tedder, of OneRepublic fame who later went on to become one of the top producers in the game, who produced this track.

Remember This

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are in fact siblings, with Kevin (currently 33 years old) being the oldest, and Joe (31) and Nick (28) respectively coming after him. Joe and Nick are the lead vocalists, and Kevin is the main guitarist. 

And whereas the bros have been dropping albums since the late-aughts to notable success they really blew up, so to speak, with the issuance of their fourth studio full-length, Happiness Begins, in 2019. For instance, the lead single from that project, Sucker (2019), is their best-selling single to date. Said tune also earned them a Billboard Music Award in 2020 (Top Radio Song), and they also won a couple other BMAs that year (Top Duo/Group and Top Radio Songs Artist) for the first time in their career.

Both Joe and Nick Jonas have celebrity wives, with the former being wed to Hollywood actress Sophie Turner (in 2019) and the latter Bollywood A lister Priyanka Chopra (in 2018). 

Nick Jonas can also be considered the most-famous out of the trio, considering that he has ventured into Hollywood acting himself. For instance, he held down a notable role, alongside Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, on both “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017) and “Jumanji: The Next Level” (2019), both of which proved to be major earners at the box office.

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