“Strangers” by Jonas Brothers

“Strangers” basically captures the essence of getting more intimate in a relationship. The song is not about getting to know someone new as the title might suggest, but it’s rather about deepening the bond between partners who are familiar with each other despite inner resistance.

In the song, the narrator seems to be losing his balance or withdrawing, however, the more he tries to get away, the more he feels inclined to draw closer. He stresses that this is because of the acquaintance which his lover gives, her unwavering devotion to him and the fact that whenever they are together it just feels right.

The Jonas brothers mentioned at a listening party that “Strangers” was written about their desire to acknowledge the good old days.

Greg Kurstin, who is the song’s primary producer, co-wrote it with MoZella and two of the brothers (Joe and Nick).

It is a part of their “Happiness Begins” album. This album, through Republic Records, was released in June of 2019.

“Strangers” wasn’t a single and hence didn’t chart. “Happiness Begins” had the support of the following hit singles:

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