“Silver Tongues” by Louis Tomlinson

All lyrics of “Silver Tongues” considered, it would be reasonable to speculate that the addressee is the vocalist’s significant other. And as far as the title goes, “silver tongues” is only mentioned once in the lyrics. And in that context, it could very well be that Louis is actually referring to the tongues of a pair of sneakers he owns. 

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But of course, the phrase “silver tongue” is a pretty-popular colloquialism also. What it connotes, most simply put, is an individual who is a very persuasive speaker. But many of us have also come to understand it as pointing to someone who is, along those same lines, cleverly deceptive.

But if Louis Tomlinson intended to use it in either of those contexts, we can confidently say that such an idea does not come through in the lyrics. Rather, this reads pretty much like the classic case of a vocalist and addressee being smitten with each other.

At the beginning of the second verse, it is implied that from the former’s perspective the latter may be hypocritical at times. That’s an idea which, if we were to use our imaginations, we can say is related to the title. 

But again, it’s not like Louis is actually accusing her of possessing a characteristic that he’s leery of. So by the time all is said and done, it may be true that the title is an act of misdirection, as it isn’t likely most listeners will walk into this song thinking its name refers to a pair of colorful kicks.

Lyrics to Louis Tomlinson's "Silver Tongues"

Release of “Silver Tongues”

This track hit the market on 9 November 2022. BMG Records released it as a single. Actually it was the third single issued in advance of “Faith in the Future”, the Louis Tomlinson album it is featured on. It was preceded by these singles: “Bigger Than Me” and “Out of My System“.


The former One Direction member, i.e. the vocalist, wrote this song with Theo Hutchcraft, David Sneddon and Joe Cross, with the latter also producing the track. 

Tomlinson did describe the finished product as being ‘one of the first times he’s written a song that he could definitely imagine himself listening to had he not written it’.

As for fans of Tomlinson, they have expressed their excitement and happiness for “Silver Tongues”. In general, they are proud to see how much Louis has grown in his music.

Silver Tongues

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