“Paris” by Taylor Swift

The verses of this song (“Paris”) are honestly a bit confusing, especially in relation to most of Taylor Swift’s other works which, though being poetic, tend to be quite understandable. But in the case of this song at least the chorus, when taken in conjunction with the bridge, makes it clear that this is a love song that we’re dealing with. 

However, what is not as apparent, all things considered, is whether the vocalist recounts herself and the addressee actually being in the city of Paris, or if said locality serves as a symbol of their romantically-gratifying relationship from her perspective. After all, the said city is also widely known as being ‘the city of love’.

What is also theoretically possible is that the capital of France is being used in both a literal and symbolic capacity. That is to say that Swift is on record as having spent quality time in Paris alongside her longest-standing boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, whom she is still involved with as of this dropping. 

So on one hand, it is obvious that this piece is in part based on a romantic fantasy. But on the other, it seemingly has some real-life basis also.

Lyrics for Taylor Swift's "Paris"


“Paris” sheds light on how TayTay’s relationship with Joe Alwyn is a healthy one, away from the drama caused by media, as fans note. Also, many French Swifties are incredibly stoked to have a track named about their country’s capital.

FYI: This song managed to get other fans wanting to travel to Paris with their special someone as this track plays along.


Release of “Paris”

This is one of the songs that came out as a part of the “3am Edition”, or perhaps we can say addition to “Midnights”, as these songs were added onto the album a few hours after the standard edition’s issuance. Both versions were released on the 21st of October, 2022.

“Midnights” serves as the fourth studio album Swift put out through Republic Records, following “Lover” (2019), “Folklore” and “Evermore”, with the latter two both being released in 2020.

Did Taylor release this as single? As of the publishing date of this article, the answer is no. That said, she released multiple songs as official singles from that album, including:


The composition team behind “Paris”, as in its writers and producers, are Taylor Swift and fellow American musician Jack Antonoff.

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