“Sweet Nothing” by Taylor Swift

It has been reasonably deduced that this track (“Sweet Nothing”) serves as an ode to the enduring romance between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, considering for instance that in this case the latter is actually one of the song’s writers. 

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Also, this piece is similar in sentiment to “Lavender Haze“, another track found on Swift’s “Midnights” album in which it has been more unanimously concluded that the addressee is indeed Alwyn.

That is to say that reading in between the lines, what “Sweet Nothing” ultimately gets at is the idea that the vocalist is able to find relief amongst the many worries in life via the romantic relationship she is in. 

Some of those distractions, if you will, are of the more general variety, while others, as implied by the chorus, are the direct result of the line of work Taylor is in, i.e. the pressures and grimy people she has to deal with as a music star.

By contrast, what the addressee desires from Swift is “sweet nothing”. That’s basically a poetic way of saying that from his perspective, there are no strings attached to their relationship. As such Taylor is able to derive simple pleasures from it, such as actually sharing a “home” with him. 

In other words, it is via their genuine love that she is able to find relief from the hustle-filled and troublesome outside world.

Lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Sweet Nothing"

Credits for “Sweet Nothing”

The authors of “Sweet Nothing” are Taylor Swift alongside her boo, Joe Alwyn. Furthermore, Taylor also produced this track with Jack Antonoff.


This is the penultimate track to be found on the standard-edition playlist of Taylor ‘s “Midnights” project. The project in question is the songstress’s fourth studio album under Republic Records. The project was officially launched on 21 October 2022.

Is “Sweet Nothing” really about Joe Alwyn?

One very-solid clue that this song is about Swift’s relationship with Joe Alwyn is found in the first verse. Here, she gives a shoutout to Wicklow, which is a town in Ireland where a television series Joe co-starred in was filmed, that being 2022’s Conversations with Friends.

Furthermore, the song was written by both Taylor and Joe. “Sweet Nothing” speaks volume about their entire relationship, and shows that she’s very much head over heels in love with him. And that feeling is reciprocated. Further to that, they share that it’s indeed the simplest things that means the most – something that Taylor expressed deeply in this track.

Sweet Nothing

Final Thoughts

This song definitely gives hope to those who have yet to find the love they need, and not to give up on it regardless of the pain it causes.

Much like the other tracks on the “Midnights” album, Taylor’s songwriting maturity is clearly showcased in “Sweet Nothing”.

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