“Queen of New York City” by Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas wrote “Queen of New York City” with Jeffrey Joseph East and Eric Arjes, and letting the cat out of the bag early, it was inspired by Rob’s wife. Indeed, the track even reportedly samples her heartbeat.

And first of all, it should be pointed out that Thomas’s wife, Marisol Maldonado, is a NYC native. But more to the point of the lyrics are them celebrating her lively, unbeatable and social spirit, akin to the Big Apple itself, if you will. And it is actually the addressee who proclaims that she is “the queen of New York City”. That statement would be indicative of her confidence, which the singer has come to believe in.

“‘Ain’t I the queen of New York City?
I’ll take em all down with me
‘Cause I’m gonna run this town’
She’s got some kind of way about her
One look and you don’t doubt her
Seeing’s believing now
Don’t you believe her now?”

Additional Facts about “Queen of New York City”

The producer of this track is Gregg Wattenberg, who was involved in the entirety of Matchbox Twenty’s “Where the Light Goes”, i.e. the album this song was derived from.

This track was released 26 May 2023 through Atlantic Records.

Queen Of New York City


AMBER says:

“”Queen Of New York City’ may not be my personal favorite from the album, but let me tell you, seeing it performed live takes it to a whole new level. I had the incredible opportunity to witness Matchbox Twenty perform at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada on May 16, 2023, and it was nothing short of an extraordinary show. Rob Thomas, with his electrifying voice, commanded the stage and captivated the audience from the moment he stepped on it.

The energy in the arena was palpable, and the fans were absolutely ecstatic. There’s something truly special about being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the same passion for music. As the band poured their hearts and souls into the performance, the crowd reciprocated with unwavering support and enthusiasm. It was a collective experience, a shared journey of emotions and melodies.

The atmosphere was electric, and every note was deep. Sure, this song may not be my personal favorite, but at that moment, it didn’t matter. The magic of live music is that it can transform even the songs we might not connect with that strongly. The energy, the rawness, and the sheer talent on display elevated the entire experience. It was an evening I’ll cherish for years to come.”

RYAN says:

“Having experienced Matchbox Twenty live during their Orlando days, I have absolutely no doubt that the magic from ‘Queen Of New York City’ will be felt better in any of their live performances. They know how to command the stage and leave you with a feeling of complete satisfaction. It’s a true testament to their talent and showmanship.

There’s no denying that Matchbox Twenty has produced an impressive catalog of powerful songs throughout their career, and this one is no exception. It’s wonderful to see them back together, creating music that resonates with fans like myself. There’s a certain strength and cohesion that comes from being a unified unit, and it shines through in their performances and their music. As devoted fans, it’s important for us to show our support for the ‘Where the Light Goes’ album. Let’s rally behind the band and let them know that we appreciate their dedication to their craft.

So, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to dive into the ‘Where the Light Goes’ album and discover the musical gems that await. Let’s celebrate this reunion and the powerful music they continue to create. Together, we can make sure that Matchbox Twenty’s legacy endures and their artistry shines brightly.”

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