Matchbox Twenty’s “Selling Faith” Lyrics Meaning

“Selling Faith” isn’t a criticism of religion, as some may presume based on its title. In fact this track could have been more aptly named something like ‘providing faith’ in terms of more accurately implying the message contained therein. 

In other words, the main line of this piece reads “if you’re selling faith, then I’m buying right now”.  And that’s another way of the vocalist relaying that he really needs someone to imbue him with additional courage and confidence.

As implied by the verses, this may be against the backdrop of the singer being in some type of troubled interpersonal relationship. But that noted, Rob Thomas, who wrote this song, has pointed out that conceptually, it is about losing hope in general and resultantly needing someone in your life to provide “extra strength”, if only they can.

“And I know I ain’t been righteous
But there ain’t nowhere to turn
I’m falling, but I don’t know how far down
I don’t need to understand it
I just need a guiding light
If you’re selling faith, then I’m buying right now”

Other Contributors to “Selling Faith”

Another member of Matchbox Twenty, Kyle Cook, produced this track with Gregg Wattenberg. 

Date of Release

“Selling Faith” can be found on the band’s fifth studio album titled “Where the Light Goes”. And to note, with Atlantic Records putting said project out on 26 May 2023, it marks the first studio album that the band released since 2012’s “North”.

A Personal Opinion from a Fan

“This might not be the most popular option, but ‘Selling Faith’ might just be one of the best songs on ‘Where the Light Goes’. In fact, it has swiftly claimed the top spot as my new favorite song from my all-time favorite band.

Now, let me clarify something – it’s not just because they hail from my home city of Orlando, Florida. No, it goes much deeper than that. It’s because of songs like this, songs that touch the very core of my being. ‘Where the Light Goes’ encapsulates everything I yearn for when I find myself slipping out of alignment with the divine. It illustrates my deep sense of desperation to be lifted up by God, to be embraced by that higher power. It’s like a musical lifeline, offering solace and hope in moments of spiritual struggle.

I find myself drawn to it again and again, with its melody wrapping around my soul like a comforting embrace. I can’t imagine a foreseeable future where I won’t have this song on repeat, where I won’t seek solace in its lyrics and captivating sound. From my beloved Orlando to wherever I may roam, this song will forever hold a special place within me. It will remain a constant companion on my journey, a reminder of the eternal bond between music, faith, and the quest for divine elevation.”

– Miss Bridget

Selling Faith

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