Meaning of “Where The Light Goes” by Matchbox Twenty

“Where The Light Goes” is the title track to Matchbox Twenty’s studio album, which hit the marketplace in full, through Atlantic Records, on 26 May 2023. The sole writer of the song in this case is the band’s frontman, Rob Thomas. And the executive producer of the LP, Gregg Wattenberg, served that role on this track.

The Lyrics of “Where The Light Goes”

As utilized in the chorus, the title of this piece reads, in full, “can you tell me where the light goes every time your eyes close?” Said query isn’t necessarily the most clever of metaphors, but what is meant to point to, all lyrics considered, is the vocalist feeling as if he is missing something special in the absence of the addressee. And whereas the wording of this song overall arguably leaves something to be desired in terms of understandability, the logical deduction would be that said addressee is the singer’s significant other.

But that’s just one specific way of understanding what’s being put forth. For example, based on the nature of the bridge, what the vocalist may be alluding is something like he and the addressee being in a troubled romance, and him being afraid to lose her.

“Will you tell me where the light goes
Every time your eyes close?
If it’s there, then it doesn’t show
Ah, tell me where the light goes”

A Personal Opinion:

“Where The Light Goes” is a thought-provoking song that many can relate to, particularly those who have experienced the loss of a loved one before. Lyrics, like “Can you tell me where the light goes” and “Every time your eyes close?” evoke a sense of curiosity and longing, reflecting the desire to comprehend the mysteries and hidden depths of our inner worlds.

I can only imagine how emotional this song will be when performed live. There’s an energy and connection that comes with experiencing their music in a live setting. You get the chance to witness the magic firsthand and to be swept away by the collective energy of the band and the audience. I have no doubt that this song will take on a whole new dimension when performed live. As a longtime fan, I am grateful that Matchbox Twenty continues to create music that resonates with me. Their ability to evolve while staying true to their signature sound is commendable. I eagerly look forward to hearing more from them and to the day when I can witness the power of this song live.

Where The Light Goes

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  1. Rozeanjel says:

    It reminded me of my alcoholic loved ones that are happy and chill with their buzz at night, or before they fall asleep anytime really, but they when they wake up the former person is no where to be recognized. Instead they are rude, short, and angry unable to be truly present still. I feel rejected or abandoned and foolish yet again. I shut down a little more each morning and DT moment I experience with them.

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