Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age happen to be one of the gnarliest rock bands to ever hit the scene. Originating from Palm Desert, California, these dudes kicked off their music journey back in 1996. They were formed by the kickass musician Josh Homme, who you might remember from the band Kyuss.

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These guys play a style of rock that’s hard to pin down. It’s like a super cool mishmash of heavy metal, stoner rock, alternative rock, and even some blues elements.

The band has had a revolving door of members, but Homme has remained the constant driving force. Over the years, they’ve churned out some pretty epic albums like “Rated R”, “Songs for the Deaf”, and “…Like Clockwork” that have not only charted well, but have also gained a solid fan base.

Songs by Queens of the Stone Ages

Queens of the Stone Age have a catalog filled with some truly rocking tracks, but here are a few of their most popular ones that have left a mark:

“No One Knows”

“Go with the Flow”

“Little Sister”

“Make It Wit Chu”

“The Way You Used to Do”

“I Sat by the Ocean”

“3’s & 7’s”

In 2023, the band released their eighth studio album (which goes by the title “In Times New Roman…”). The album birthed the following songs:


“Paper Machete”

“Negative Space”

“Time & Place”

“Made to Parade”


“What the Peephole Say”


“Emotion Sickness”

“Straight Jacket Fitting”

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