“Quitter” by Eminem (ft. D12)

Eminem, on “Quitter”, addresses Everlast (Whitey Ford) who initially recorded a diss track targeted at him. He calls him a quitter because of Everlast’s switch from hip-hop to country music.

Throughout the track, Eminem refers to Everlast’s real life heart attack incident claiming that he can easily cause the latter to suffer from one metaphorically through his rap. Eminem recalls that his beef with Everlast started because he did not notice him while preparing to perform at a show.

 According to the rapper, Everlast has been upset about that particular incidence and has felt jealous of his success ever since. He takes a swipe at him, claiming that Everlast has compromised several times in his career and is bitter because he can’t seem to achieve the success he desires. He warns him not to rap about his daughter, while threatening to end his career, or his life if he continues to mess with him.

Writing and Production of “Quitter”

Writing: Eminem and Proof along with their D12 mates Kuniva, Swift and dEnAun
Production: DJ Head in conjunction with Eminem

When did Eminem release “Quitter”?

Eminem dropped this diss track in December of 2000.

Eminem and Everlast’s Feud

This whole beef sort of sparked as the result of a misunderstanding. Eminem and Everlast apparently had issues even before the diss tracks started coming out. More specifically, Everlast had some type of gripe against Em which was reportedly fueled by Slim shading him when they crossed paths. So Everlast went about lambasting his fellow White rapper though never on an actual song.

Then in May of 2000 the Dilated Peoples dropped a track called “Ear Drums Pop (Remix)” which featured Everlast. During his verse, he made a reference to ‘Halley’s comet’. Well Eminem happens to have a daughter, whom he loves very much, named Hailie. So he interpreted said reference as more or less a diss against his family, and it was officially on.

Eminem went on to formally diss Everlast on another 2000 track called “I Remember”.  Everlast quickly responded with a song entitled “Whitey’s Revenge”. And this time he really went after Eminem’s family, as in implying that the aforementioned Hailie isn’t his biological daughter. Though at this point, it should be noted that Everlast later asserted that the previously-mentioned ‘Halley’s comet’ line had nothing to do with Eminem’s daughter, as he didn’t even know he had a child named Hailie at the time.

Eminem dropped one more diss track afterwards called “Quitter”. And with no counterattack from Everlast, so marked the end of their beef. And eventually they obviously buried the hatchet. For instance, Everlast has stated that he regrets the things he said about Em’s family, while Shady gave a shoutout to his former rival in a 2013 track called “Baby”.

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