“Regret Me” by Daisy Jones & The Six

“Regret Me” was presumably written circa 2022, but its creators were trying to compose it as if it was actually dropped in the 1970s. This is an ambitious if not, all things considered, impossible goal. That is to say that there are some parts which very much read like a 21st century female empowerment piece. An example of such a part can in the first verse and chorus(es).  

But that noted, what the key theme actually centers on is the primary vocalist, i.e. the female, contentiously addressing her ex.

This song was created specifically for a streaming series in which it serves as a plot device. However, the lyrics do not feature any proper nouns (except for a shoutout to the Pacific Coast Highway). Based on this, one can say the lyrics have a general applicability. What they speak to is the vocalist basically telling her ex that even though he may regret hooking up with her to begin with, her remorse in that regard is even worse.

An Unorthodox Song

Tis piece is a bit unorthodox as far as breakup songs go. Usually in these cases, one party or the other is clearly presented as the villain, i.e. the one who propagated the relationship’s dissolution. Or even if it is an amicable breakup kind of scenario, there’d often be some kind of sorrow expressed on the part of the vocalist along the way, i.e. her lamenting how things didn’t work out.

Well actually in this song, the singer does lambast the addressee a bit in terms of being a drunkard who “can’t seem to handle the truth”. However, she doesn’t really harp on his shortcomings. She also expresses sorrow in terms of dealing with him romantically overall. But concurrently, Riley is at least able to recognize that she too, in his eyes, proved to be a less-than-ideal partner.

"Regret Me" Lyrics

Who are Daisy Jones & The Six?

Daisy Jones & The Six is actually a fictitious band. The band was modeled after Fleetwood Mac. Actually it was created for the purpose of starring in an Amazon Prime series which itself is titled Daisy Jones & The Six. However, the creators of the show went all out and actually assembled an original album, titled “Aurora”, in the band’s name. 

Release of “Regret Me”

“Regret Me” has an issuance date of 25 January 2023. It marks the first song released from the aforementioned “Aurora” project.


Blake Mills handled both the production and writing of “Regret Me”. He is the primary musician responsible for putting “Aurora” together.

In addition to Mills, another writer by the name of Chris Weisman also receives writing credits on “Regret Me”.

The song’s primary vocalist is American actress Riley Keough. English actor Sam Claflin also contributes vocals to this song.

Riley portrays the character “Daisy Jones” in the aforementioned series. Sam, on the other hand, portrays “Billy Dunne”.

To note, Riley is the eldest grandchild of rock icon Elvis Presley.

Streaming Success

Barely three days after its release, it was streamed over 300,000 times on Spotify.

What music genre is “Regret Me”?

It is a rock song with a seventies vibe.

Regret Me

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