“Exist for Love” by AURORA

Basically, in this song the singer is celebrating the concept of falling in love. She has a new romantic interest in her life. And the way the lyrics read are that now that she has found him, she cannot imagine living without him. Indeed this relationship has given her a new outlook on life, so to speak. For as a result she has come to ‘feel like she exists for love’. Or another way of looking at that statement is that her disposition has changed whereas she is now under the impression that her whole reason for being is to be in the arms of this man.

So the situation has her fantasizing about alternate scenarios. One is what if she did not have the ability to be with this particular individual in this capacity? And secondly, she is obviously envisioning the two of them being in a life-long relationship. So together, both of these imaginings contribute to her appreciating him even more in the present. For as implied earlier, she is under the impression that being with him is basically the manifestation of her personal destiny.

Lyrics of "Exist for Love"

Facts about “Exist for Love”

Aurora co-wrote and co-produced “Exist for Love” alongside Magnus Skylstad. And Glen Roberts is also acknowledged as a co-writer.

Aurora also directed the music video for this tune.

This song was released on 14 May 2020.

Aurora has gotten quite philosophical in terms of her explanation as to why she penned “Exist for Love”. But what her musings boil down to is that she now feels she understands the concept of love well enough to write a song about it.

“Exist for Love” holds the distinction of being Aurora’s first release for the year 2020.

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  1. Crosswall says:

    I like to think this song is about love as a concept as in no moment she sings about romance. May be a long shot, but could be free for interpretation, like father/mother and son/daughter kinda of love. Something in a father only feeling complete with his kid warms my heart.

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