“Giving in to the Love” by AURORA

The title of the album “Giving in to the Love” is derived from, “The Gods We Can Touch”, gives the impression that this is a deep, thought-provoking project we’re dealing with here. And likewise, Aurora’s inspiration for putting together this song partially came from the Greek legend of Prometheus. This is a legend, which, like any myth worth its salt, is itself based on what we will term as timeless, universal concepts. 

Aurora discusses "Giving in to the Love"

And indeed this track speaks to another concept that can be added to that category, that of self-image. And what Aurora is basically saying is that no one is perfect. However, we are placed in a world where we often feel we have to be. Such is manifest by being encouraged to strive for an ideal look, presenting yourself as being confident and flawless, etc. 

But since at the end of the day none of us, as Aurora sorta puts it, are ‘angels’, and believing that we should be can cause internal conflict. And one such issue it can bring is say the development of low self-esteem or what have you.

But then it’s like the vocalist isn’t having it, and she’s fighting back in two ways. First is, she’s not the type who will let the entities like mainstream media or religious bodies dictate who she should be, whether the subject be beauty, morals, etc. 

But more to the point, as presented in the title/post-chorus, is Aurora deciding to rather ‘give in to love’. So what the songstress appears to be saying, thesis-wise, is something akin to you can let the TV or others dictate your ideologies if you want. But as for her personally, she is more concerned with promoting love than say her looks or whatever.

At the end of the day

So ultimately, this piece falls into what-we-really-needs-is-love type of category. Such is in fact a pretty well-worn stance in the music industry. But Aurora takes a unique approach to the matter by establishing a premise of forsaking the mainstream culture, so to speak, in the name of achieving this goal.

"Giving in to the Love" Lyrics

“Giving in to the Love” and AURORA

On 14 October 2021, Decca Records released this track as the second single from Aurora’s studio album, “The Gods We Can Touch” (2022), which will be her third. 

Aurora is Norwegian and has accordingly experienced the most success thus far in Norway. But her two previous studio albums, 2016’s “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend” and 2019’s “A Different Kind of Human” (Step 2), also appeared on the top 40 of the UK Albums Chart, with the first also popping up on the Billboard 200.

As of the release of this track, Aurora is 25 years old and has been in the game for nearly a decade. And as far as her singles go, the singer’s most-successful thus far would be the third in her discography, 2015’s “Runaway“, which charted across the Western world and achieved gold status stateside.

The vocalist wrote and produced this song alongside another Norwegian musician and regular collaborator, Magnus Skylstad.

Giving in to the Love

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