“Rules” by Doja Cat

This song can be considered as a musical presentation of what “rules” Doja Cat has for a romantic partner. And in that regard, the message is three-fold.  On one hand she wants someone who will be devoted and treat her right.  And on the other, if a guy doesn’t have adequate funds, then he might as well not even bother. 

Moreover Doja demands to be sensually satisfied. And on a completely-different note, she also dedicates a few bars to throwing shade at her female rivals and haters. But at the end of the day, her message can be summarized as she wanting a partner who is more interested in making love than causing drama.

Facts about Doja Cat’s “Rules”

The music video to this song, in which Doja portrays the boss of what has been described as a “cat mafia”, employed Christian Sutton as its director.

B. Billions and S. Remi served as both producers and writers of “Rules”.

The other writers are Doja Cat, Dr. Luke, L. Asrat and T. Thomas. And the other producers are D. Alvarez and T. Trax.

“Rules” is the second single that has been released from Doja’s sophomore album on 24th October, 2019. That album is titled “Hot Pink”. And that entire project was handled by Kemosabe Records.

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