“Say My Name” by Guap Tarantino (ft. Playboi Carti)

The chorus of Guap Tarantino’s “Say My Name” sums up the entire theme which is based on the rapper’s pride in the following:

  • Being a well-recognized recording artist
  • Affording some of the best luxuries of life
  • Getting the woman he wants

It is almost as though he beckons his woman to say his name, as a means of acknowledging his high-end lifestyle and achievements as a rapper.

Not only does he pride himself in being able to buy stuff such as a chopper for his gang, and own huge sums of money, but he also boasts about his affairs with women and how they are submissive to him because of his status.

Playboi Carti maintains the theme when he raps about having big guns, diamonds and not even looking at the prices of things because apparently he is a real star who has a lot of money.

When was “Say My Name” released?

On September 5, 2020, Guap Tarantino previewed a snippet of this track on his IG Live. It however got leaked in LQ prior to its release on September 26, 2020 off the Bandemic (2020) album.

Writing Credits

The track was written by Playboi and Tarantino.


Say My Name essentially boasts about the rappers’ status in the rap game. It furthermore expounds on their luxurious lifestyle and demand for others especially his women to acknowledge his wealth.

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