“Sights” by A$AP Rocky (ft. Playboi Carti)

“Sights” is a braggadocious piece along the lines of what a listener would expect from the likes of Playboi Carti and ASAP Rocky. In this particular case, the main focus of their boasting is romantic conquests and gunplay. And it’s interesting to note that ASAP is depicting himself as a heartbreaker, considering that he’s currently in a serious relationship with Rihanna. 

But more specifically, what he seems to be putting forth in that regard is treating women that he tricks on like that, i.e. alluring with “some dollars”, and then, perhaps we can say discarding them once he’s had his way. And since Rihanna is crazy rich, technically he can’t be referring to a woman like her. Rather such boasting is, once again, the established norm of these artists. Furthermore, Rocky recently becoming a father to the child of one of the richest women in the world apparently isn’t going to change that anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Playboi’s verse puts a high premium on the rapper shouting out a gang he’s down with known as Homixide. Accordingly he also alludes to running with shooters, who will even ‘kill for his broad’ if you disrespect her. And you can tell that Carti, even in this day and age of regular rap murders, feels ultra-confident about himself.

Speaking of which, ASAP was recently involved in such an incident, though he was the one who pulled the trigger. And he seemingly references that event also, albeit in a roundabout way. In doing so, he is apparently reminding the audience there is in fact a ‘tool glued to his hip’. He then proceeds to seemingly threaten those who talk too much, as was reportedly the case, according to some gossip circles, when he recently shot one of the members of his own ASAP Mob. 


Also to note the word “sights”, as utilized in his verse, is basically a reference to Rocky “still” having opps in his crosshairs.

In Conclusion

So we can conclude by saying that there really isn’t anything overly exceptional about this piece. It’s standard braggadocio street rap. However, it is made more notable due to the fact that it features Rihanna’s de facto husband, who also recently established himself as someone who verily lives by the gun.

A$AP Rocky's "Sights" Lyrics

The Collaboration

Rocky and Carti are actually regular collaborators, apparently dating back to 2016. The pair collaborated on an ASAP Mob track titled “Telephone Calls”. 

The two vocalists wrote this track with its producer, an artist known as EvilGiane. On the instrumental, the song sample a song titled “If”. “If” is a 2004 Destiny’s Child song.

Release Date of “Sights”

On 2 September 2022, “Sights” was formally released.


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