“Say My Name” by David Guetta, Bebe Rexha and J Balvin

“Say My Name” is a 2018 single by David Guetta, Bebe Rexha and J Balvin. The lyrics of this collaboration tell the story of a romantic relationship that is gradually losing its spark. Singer Bebe Rexha opens the song by asking her partner why he’s running away from her despite his claims that she’s the only one for him. She suspects he’s not being totally honest with her in terms of how he really feels about her.

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In the pre-chorus, among other things, she asks him why just of a sudden he’s beginning to act as though he’s a stranger. If he honestly believes he loves her, then why is he behaving the way he’s behaving? She’s puzzled. She needs some reassurance from him that he indeed still loves her.

So in the chorus, she repeatedly tells him to say her name. If he really loves her, all he needs to do is say her name. At least this would give her the reassurance that he still loves her. She needs to hear him say her name because his behavior is breaking her heart.

Rapper J Balvin, who handles the song’s last verse, also wants his partner to reaffirm her love for him. He’s also apparently concerned about the way the relationship is going.

In summation, all the narrators want is to enjoy sizzling relationships with their respective partners. If only their partners could just reaffirm their love for them, things would be so much better.

"Say My Name" Lyrics


Quick Facts about “Say My Name”

  • Guetta and Balvin wrote this song with a bunch of songwriters, including the noted American singer and songwriter Emily Warren. In all, 9 songwriters joined forces in penning this song.
  • This song marks Guetta’s first time working with both Balvin. As for Bebe Rexha, Guetta had collaborated with her before in the past.
  • As usual, Guetta didn’t contribute vocals to this track. However, he collaborated with producers Boaz van de Beatz and Giorgio Tuinfort to produce the track.
  • “Say My Name” was released on September 14, 2018. It is the ninth single from Guetta’s seventh studio album, 7.
  • The music video for “Say My Name” was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. Hannah also worked with Guetta on the song “Hey Mama”.

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