“Playing Games” by Summer Walker

Summer Walker’s “Playing Games” interpolates and arguably is even based on Destiny’s Child classic track “Say My Name” (1999). That is to say that “Playing Games” is centered on the emotional state of a lady who feels unappreciated by her lover.

Walker approaches the situation by humbling herself, if you will. She lets it be known that, from a material standpoint, she doesn’t need anything from her man since she has already proven her ability to provide her own basic needs. Moreover she is not interested in receiving extravagant gifts from him neither. All she really wants is regular, genuine romantic interactions with him.  

And even outside of that she seems to have a number of other issues with dude. For instance, she portrays him as the type who is loving when they are in private. But then we he gets around his homeys, he tries to “flex”, as in display a macho, unaffectionate attitude. And even in terms of their private romancing, he talks a good one but doesn’t really back up such verbal enthusiasm with action.


So all things considered, we can conclude that Summer is in an unenviable situation. She is in love with someone who, despite apparently loving her also, is not on her same level of maturity. That is to say that he takes advantage of his individual freedoms by fundamentally neglecting her. And in general he is “playing games” with their relationship. Moreover, amidst it all she may even be trying to insinuate that he is seeing another woman (as in “acting kinda shady”). So basically this song is an expression of her angst. And this angst would logically cause her to eventually stop seeing him if it is not resolved expeditiously.

Lyrics of "Playing Games"

When was “Playing Games” released?

Walker officially dropped this tune on 23 August 2019. The song is one of the singles from Walker’s second album (Over It).

Writing and Production

London on da Track produced “Playing Games”. He also had a hand in writing the song along with Summer Walker. The pair co-wrote “Playing Games” with the following:

  • Roark Bailey
  • Cameron Griffin
  • Aubrey Robinson

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