“Selah” by Kanye West

Kanye West’s “Selah” reads a lot like a freestyle or “ad-lib track”. And why is this so? Because Kanye may have termed it a couple of years ago. We say this because we see a whole lot of improvisation and repetitiveness going on throughout. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Kanye West's Selah at Lyrics.org.

But what’s the meaning of “Selah”?

The title is a ubiquitous term found throughout the biblical Book of Proverbs that is believed to have a religious connotation. And likewise, the first half of this song especially has a spiritual tone to it. 

In the first verse this is highlighted by Kanye more or less questioning the addressee’s love for God. And the bridge consists of Yeezus repeating the word “hallelujah”. But it is the second verse in particular which comes off like a random hodge-podge of different ideas, though all seemingly intended to point back to the overarching religious theme of the track. 

So conclusively, we can make an assumption along the lines of “Selah” being something like a faith-based freestyle for Kanye. And it should be noted that amidst it all he also drops some memorable lyrics outside of the realm of heavenly thoughts, such as those based on discontent within his family and the fact that his previously-conceptualized “Yandhi” album was never released.

Release Date

Kanye began teasing the release of “Selah” since late 2018. The song was supposed to have come out on the 29th of September 2019 due. But that never happened.

“Selah” is the eighth song on the tracklist of Kanye West’s album “Jesus Is King”.

Production and Writing of “Selah”

The track was produced by Ronny J, who worked on songs throughout the album. And the lyrics were written by Kanye West.

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