“One Minute” by XXXTentacion (Featuring Kanye West)

“One Minute” is a song by rappers XXXTentacion and Kanye West. This collaboration consists of a single verse, an interlude and two choruses. Kanye handles the song’s only verse whereas X handles the other parts. In the verse, West raps about a bunch of topics – some very relevant and others not really relevant. These topics range from death to false allegations to pain.

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False Rape Allegations

It has been theorized that a number of Kanye’s lines from this song are about false rape allegations. These lines in question are as follows:

One Minute Lyrics

In the above lines, he talks about a man’s reputation being tainted after he’s been falsely accused of rape. As of the publishing of this article, Kanye hasn’t been accused of rape. Owing to this, it is abundantly clear the lines aren’t about him. That said, same can’t be said for X considering he was accused of domestic abuse while he was alive.

Based on this, many are theorizing the lines in question might just be about X. It’s noteworthy that X was facing serious domestic abuse charges prior to his death. However, they were dropped after he died.

So is Kanye trying to defend X with these lines?

It’s not exactly clear if Kanye is doing that. There are a number of reasons why Kanye might not be talking about X in those lines. First,X name isn’t mentioned. Second, X was indeed facing domestic violence charges but never any rape charges.

Kanye directly addresses X

It wasn’t clear if Kanye was talking about X in the aforementioned lines. However, in the lines below, he addresses X directly:

Lyrics of "One Minute"
X’s Death

The line below is another instance in Kanye’s verse where he appears to be talking about X.

 Kanye is apparently using these lyrics to express his displeasure at the bad press X received even after his death.

Facts about “One Minute”

  • Three artists (including X) are credited with the composition of “One Minute”. The other two are: Kanye West and John Cunningham.
  • The latter had worked extensively with X throughout his career. John Cunningham handled the song’s entire production.
  • “One Minute” is the seventh track on X’s posthumous album Skins. It is the only track on Skins that features another artist.
  • “One Minute” is the first collaboration between X and Kanye West.

Did Kanye West physically work with XXXTentacion on this song?

Looking at the lyrics from Kanye’s verse, it is apparent Kanye didn’t write those lines when X was alive. It is therefore obvious the pair didn’t physically work together on this song. According to rumors, the British artist, Scarlxrd, was originally featured on this track. However, after X’s sudden death in June 2018, Kanye was brought in.

When was “One Minute” released?

It was officially unveiled on December 7, 2018 along with the entire album Skins. However, Skins was leaked online on December 4,2018.

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