“Puppet” by Tyler, the Creator

Briefly put, Tyler, the Creator’s “Puppet” is a track that speaks about how manipulative and obsessive a relationship can be. The narrator (Tyler) views himself as a puppet, controlled by the will of his lover.

Tyler first mentions the things he wants to do on his own accord, then contradicts himself by asking his partner to make the choices for him. In other words, he’s more comfortable if his lover dictates what he should do since his love and need for her company is what drives him.

In the second verse, the narrator questions his delegation of control to his lover and seems to wish he could get out. He however, feels stuck as he can’t seem to even differentiate what he wants from what his lover wants. It is his need to feel accepted and loved by his partner that keeps him under her control. At the end of the day, he feels like a puppet under her thumb and thinks he could have avoided the situation.

Lyrics of "Puppet"


Tyler, the Creator’s Puppet focuses on the concept of people taking advantage and controlling a significant other because they seem vulnerable in love. It also deals with the nature of obsession present in most relationships.

Facts about “Puppet”

  • Tyler, the Creator penned “Puppet” along with Kanye West and another songwriter named David Smith.
  • In addition to co-penning the track, Tyler also produced it. It’s noteworthy to mention that he handled the song’s production solely.
  •  “Puppet” is the eighth track on his 2019 album, IGOR released on May 17, 2019.
  • Although this track features rapper Kanye West, he isn’t officially credited. This was intentional. As a matter of fact, Tyler deliberately decided not to mention the names of any of the artists he featured on his IGOR album.

Is this Tyler’s maiden collaboration with Kanye West?

No.  “Puppet” is actually the second time West and Tyler have collaborated. Their first collaboration happened on Tyler’s 2015 song titled “SMUCKERS”. That song also featured Lil Wayne.

4 Responses

  1. yea says:

    You mean… “His”

    • Anonymous says:

      they mean “her” as in his lover. he’s stuck under her thumb.

      • anon says:

        tyler is gay lol the entire album is about how hes in a relationship with a man whos dating a girl. thats why in new magic wand and a boy is a gun he talks about “you and her” and the title of boy is a gun is a spin of a classic song titled a girl is a gun. tyler is stuck under HIS thumb. 🙄

      • fart says:

        this whole album is about a boy lol

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