“She Is His Only Need” by Wynonna

As sorta implied by the title (“She Is His Only Need”), the main subject of this song is someone who found meaning in life via his love for a woman. That is to say that initially, “Billy” was an inconspicuous member of a small-town Arizona community whose most-notable attribute was his “good working skills”.  Moreover, he was devoid of any personal aspirations to speak of.

That is until he met “Bonnie”, and the two of them fell in love. His goal in life then became, most simply put, making her happy.  And to note, as relayed Billy did not go about doing so by granting Bonnie a work-free life.  But what he did was bust his ass in the name of buying her the expensive things she desired.

And his efforts pay off, as they proceed to successfully raise a couple of kids and grow old together.  Indeed, the narrative concludes with Billy, in his old age, still hitting up the city in the name of acquiring rare gifts for Bonnie.  And that would be why Wynonna designates her as “his only need”, as in the subject actually having found fulfillment in life through loving his wife.

“Over the line, working overtime
To give her things just to hear her say she don’t deserve them
But he loves her and he just kept going overboard
Over the limit to afford to give her things he knew she wanted
‘Cause without her, where would he be
See, it’s not for him: she is his only need”

When was “She Is His Only Need” released?

Wynonna released “She Is His Only Need” as her first-ever single, performing as a solo artist. The track, which hit the airways on January 28 of 1992, happens to be one of four singles issued from the singer’s debut self-titled album.

This self-named album was released, on March 31 of 1992, by record company Curb Records in conjunction with MCA Records.  

All the singles from “Wynonna” were issued in 1992. Its second single, “I Saw the Light”, dropped on May 4. The songs “No One Else on Earth” and “My Strongest Weakness” were, respectively, released as third and fourth singles on August 25 and December 5.  

“Wynonna” achieved great success in the US. With several millions of copies in sales, the album earned a 5x platinum certification from the RIAA. In addition, it chartered on the Billboard 200, peaking at No.4.

Did Wyonna write “She Is His Only Need”?

This song is credited as written by American Dave Loggins, a seasoned songwriter, who also provided background vocals for the song. He is noted for his works with the likes of Don Williams, Tanya Tucker, and Toby Keith.

Production of this single was solely handled by an expert in the country music genre, Tony Brown.

She Is His Only Need

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