“No One Else on Earth” by Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd’s “No One Else on Earth”, in sort of a roundabout way, speaks to an aspect of romance that is rarely touched upon. And that’s when you have a strong, independent, intelligent woman who still somehow ends up falling in love with a jerk. 

In this case Wynonna would be that woman, and that’s why she goes about putting forth that “no one else on Earth” is able to get to her like the addressee.

That reality has both its positive and negative consequences. For instance, the vocalist appears to be so defensive that on one hand, you would presume she’s happy to have found someone able to get through to her heart. But in that regard, ample lyrical focus is centered on the toxic ways in which the addressee treats her which, as implied, is highlighted by him being a cheater.

But Wynonna also goes on to state that this person is “worth it”. So it appears that she’s willing to take the bad along with the good. Indeed, by the looks of things she doesn’t really have a choice, as it is only the addressee who can have such an effect on her to begin with.

“No one else on earth could ever hurt me
Break my heart the way you do
No one else on earth was ever worth it
No one could love me like you”

Release of “No One Else on Earth”

On August 25 of 1992, Wynonna officially released “No One Else on Earth” as the third single from her eponymous album. And to note, said album was actually the country singer’s first studio release. 

“Wynonna” is a product of record labels, MCA Records and Curb Records, and it was accompanied by a total of four singles.

On January 28 of 1992 the Kentucky-born singer and her team unveiled “She Is His Only Need” as the album’s first single. It was followed by the single “I Saw the Light”, which dropped on May 4, the same year.

The last single from this record was “My Strongest Weakness”. It was officially put out on December 5 of 1992.

Sales-wise, “Wynonna” proved to be a huge success in the US. It reached #4 on the Billboard 200. In addition, this record has received a 5x Platinum certification from the RIAA.

Did Wynonna Judd write this song?

Wynonna was not involved in writing this track. Its writers are:

  • Stewart Harris
  • Sam Lorber
  • Jill Colucci

As for production, the task was solely handled by Nashville-born music producer Tony Brown.


Chart-wise, the track’s notable highlights include a #1 ranking on several well-known country music charts, as well as peaking at #83 on the famous Hot 100 in the US.

No One Else on Earth

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