“Rock Bottom” by The Judds

The title of this song (“Rock Bottom”) is a metaphor for when a person feels that their life is – excuse our French – so f*-ked up that it can’t get any worse. And as implied, Wynonna has had her fair share of experiences with such harrowing depression. 

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Also at the time this song was dropped, way back in the early 1990s, she was able to recognize that “things are tough all over”, i.e. a lot of people having hit rock bottom in their own respective lives.

But all of that noted, her message, most simply put, is not to give up. The vocalist presents herself as the type of person who, even if she does hit rock bottom, is not privy to allowing her mind to linger there for long. Or viewed otherwise, Wynonna using herself as an example of possessing the ability to counteract depression via sheer will. 

Or as she views it, there’s actually an advantage to being assed out. And that is, under such circumstances, not having anything to lose. Or put otherwise, down there at the bottom of the rock, bolder risks can be taken which can eventually bring out the best in us. So all things considered it’s better to retain a positive outlook, especially during tough times.

“Young love, strong love
True love, it’s a new love
They’re gonna make it through the hard times
And walk those lines
Yeah, these ties will bind
Young love”

When was “Rock Bottom” released?

On February 19 of 1994 Wynonna originally released “Rock Bottom” as the fourth of five singles from her second studio album named “Tell Me Why”.

“Rock Bottom” reached #2 on Billboard Magazine’s “Hot Country Songs” chart.


The Kentucky-born country singer did not play any role in writing or producing this track. American songwriters J.R. Cobb and Buddy Buie, who passed in 2015, were responsible for composing “Rock Bottom”, whereas US record producer Tony Brown single handedly produced it alongside the entire “Tell Me Why” album.

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