“Flies on the Butter (You Can Go Home Again)” by Wynonna Judd

The first half of this song’s title “Flies on the Butter (You Can Go Home Again)” is indicative of this piece being by and large a song of reminiscing. Apparently the vocalist grew up in some type of outback setting, complete with “flies on the butter”, i.e. her childhood home being one in which insects were regularly present. 

Under normal circumstances, “yellowjackets on the watermelon” or ‘a big hole in the screen door’ wouldn’t be anything to smile about. But again, such recollections remind the singer of her youth, which for the most part was apparently marked by pleasurable experiences alongside her family and bestie, despite there also obviously not having been a lot of money between them.

Meanwhile, the second half of the title points to the present, where her old family home has since been replaced by “a blacktop road” and “a faded yellow centerline”. In other words, the house has been demolished and the ‘hood urbanized, now being far different than what it once was. That’s why Wynonna Judd and others in situations like hers “can’t go home again”, because as time progressed so too have their memorable childhood homes been significantly changed.

The Judds' "Flies on the Butter" Lyrics

Release of “Flies on the Butter (You Can Go Home Again)”

Released in March of 2004, “Flies on the Butter (You Can Go Home Again)” was the third of five singles that Wynonna issued from her sixth studio offering, “What the World Needs Now Is Love”.

To note, this track was originally recorded by country music singer Lari White. And it appeared on her fourth studio project titled “Stepping Stone”.


The “What the World Needs Now Is Love” album officially dropped on August 5 of 2003, and it was released via Curb Records.

As mentioned earlier, this record was accompanied by five singles, with “What the World Needs” being its first single. This track was issued on May 5 of 2003.  “Heaven Help Me” was the album’s second single, which came out on September 13, the same year.

In 2004 Wynonna and her team issued the rest of the album’s singles. “I Want to Know What Love Is”, the fourth single, was released in August of 2004.  A year later, “Rescue Me” was released as the final single from this album.

“What the World Needs Now Is Love” was a big success in the US. There, it reached #8 on the Billboard 200.

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