This is a song that Lisa, whose first name is actually “Lalisa”, uses to big up herself. Relatedly, it is also one in which she is calling on the listening audience, i.e. the party people in the house, to give her props. 

And as depicted in the first verse, Lisa is someone who doesn’t give in to “loud emotions”. The second verse is somewhat odd, being highlighted by the vocalist’s assertion that she will shoot ‘anybody coming gunning for her man’. And in our eyes, that is perhaps the most obvious line, lyric wise, of this song having been influenced by Western hip-hop. 

However, shortly thereafter Lisa gives a shoutout to the ‘rocks on her wrist’. The phrase in question refers to her expensive jewelry. And again, in our eyes, that is also very Western reminiscent. Actually, truth be told, the overall theme upon which this song is based is Western inspired.

The third verse is notable for the vocalist not only alluding to the fact that she’s actually from Thailand but also giving a shoutout to her crew, Blackpink.

And overall, as stated earlier this song serves as an ode to Lisa, though one in which the audience is very much encouraged to get involved in that regard. In other words, Lalisa wants us to recognize her musical greatness by making some noise on the dance floor.

Lyrics to "LALISA"

Facts about Lisa and “LALISA”

This song is the title track from Lisa’s first solo EP, which YG Entertainment released on 10 September 2021. 

Lisa, whose full name is Lalisa Manobal, is actually a vocalist who made a name for herself as a member of the ultra-popular South Korean girl group Blackpink. She has been a member of this renowned K-pop group since it’s inception in 2016.

In actuality, Lisa’s birth name is Pranpriya Manobel. And if you’re saying to yourself ‘that name doesn’t sound Korean’, you’re correct, as the songstress is actually from Thailand. In fact Lisa was the first foreigner to ever train under YG Entertainment and in that regard beat out 4,000 other applicants from her country. 

And in recognition of her ancestry this song includes, according to Lisa, “some Thai vibes” and also “some Thai traditional music (in) the dance break”.


Lisa, whose primary vocal skill is actually listed as rapping, wrote this piece alongside Bekuh Boom and the track’s producer, Teddy Park. Teddy himself is also a YG Entertainment hip-hop artist.

Lisa admitted that she was intimidated with certain parts of this song, i.e. the segments in which she had to rap rapidly in English. However, it was Teddy Park who convinced her that she can do so.

As of the release of this track, Lisa is 24 years old. She is actually the second youngest member of Blackpink.

LISA describes "LALISA"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lisa is my super idol because she is pretty and simply but elegant

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    So great ,,i like the song for
    I always wanted the meaning for lalisa

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lisa is the youngest & not the 2nd one

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