“F**kin’ Problems” by A$AP Rocky (ft. Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar)

First off, let it be known that as presented in the chorus, the title of this song is sarcastic and comedic. For instance the homeys, led by 2 Chainz, assert that they more literally have a “f**king problem”, i.e. the vocalists having a ‘problem with f*cking’.  And said problem would be that they’re sex addicts, with a particular affinity for “bad b**ches”, aka attractive women. 

But going back to the sarcasm of the statement, they do not actually perceive such as an issue.  Rather the implication, even before getting into the verses themselves, is that the vocalists celebrity status affords them the opportunity to live such a lifestyle. 

Indeed even before the chorus concludes, they invite the listeners to bring their own girlfriends over “to the crib”, i.e. the domicile of the rappers, if the ladies need “real” men in their lives. So by the looks of things, this track is headed down the road of being a braggadocious sex song.

A$AP Rocky

And A$AP Rocky quickly verifies this presumption by addressing a romantic, or let’s say sexual interest. And due to his ‘freshness’, i.e. wealth, the vocalist is very confident when requesting sex from strippers or who have you. 

So he goes about arranging a party whereas he brings his “n**gas”, and the addressee likewise invites her female friends.  And eventually, after they’re all good and drunk, he and she go about having sex. Apparently, this story is an example of his everyday life. Rocky is a ‘rich n*gga’ and conducts himself accordingly. And as presented, sex is one of his favorite activities.


Drake gets a bit more detailed in terms of his interactions with the lady he’s addressing. For instance, we are able to ascertain that she’s someone whom a lot of popular rappers are after. But with Drizzy being a top dog and all, he’s the one who is able to get her. 

He then proceeds to go on a number of random musings, such as giving a shoutout to smoking marijuana and the 1960s’ music act known as the Beatles. He also warns opps that if they ‘come for his head’, they need to come correct. And overall, on top on touting the size of his manhood, Drizzy comes off as if he is extremely confident in himself.

Kendrick Lamar

In the following verse, even Kendrick Lamar gets in on the act. He drops his usual positive-rapper character to rather presents himself, like A$AP before him, as someone who will sleep with other guys’ ladies. 

After all he is a music star, and they tend to eye him despite already being involved. Moreover he likes to mess with girls who friends are also attractive, so that they all can have a threesome together. And he gives a shoutout to Hollywood actress Halle Berry before all is said and one.


Also interesting to is that all three of the main vocalists – Drake, Kendrick and Rocky – end their verses with the word “beast”. And as illustrated by Drake, this is meant to allude to the vocalists themselves being ‘beasts’, which many have concluded is actually a roundabout shoutout to NFLer Marshawn Lynch or more specifically his famous “Beast Mode” mentality.

So conclusively, the featured rappers do a sound job of sticking to the topic at hand. They are letting the world know, most simply put, that they are playas, i.e. guys with high social and economic standings who use those advantages to sleep with multiple women.

Lyrics for "Fuckin' Problems"

“F–kin’ Problems” Facts

Primary Artist(s): ASAP Rocky
Featured Artist(s): Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar
Album/EP: “Long. Live. ASAP” 

Was “F–kin’ Problems” a single release?

Yes. It was the 2nd single released from “Long. Live. ASAP”, the rapper’s debut album. Rocky officially dropped “F–kin’ Problems” in October of 2012.


It was written by ASAP, Drake, Kendrick, 2 Chainz, Noah Shebib, and Stephen Garrett


The song was co-produced by Drake and Noah Shebib (Also known as 40).


  • Hip hop
  • Dirty rap


“F–kin’ Problems” earned an award for “Best Rap Song” at the Annual Grammy Awards in 2014. It lost to “Niggas in Paris” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. Below is a list of the songs that made the nomination list:

Chart Performance

  • US (8)
  • UK (10)
  • Belgium (3)


  • Xavier Dunn (2016)


  • Tyga – “Clique/F %Kn Problem” (2012)
  • 6ix9ine feat. Kanye West – “KANGA” (2018)
  • YG feat. TeeFlii – “Sprung” (2013)
  • Tyga feat. Lil Wayne – “500 Degrees” (2013)
  • Lil Wayne feat. Hoodybaby – “I’m That Ni–a” (2015)
  • Traphik – “Fuckin Problems” (2014)
  • Puntin – “Yahweh” (2012)
Fuckin' Problems
What ASAP Rocky said about "Fuckin' Problems" by ASAP Rocky

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